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25 Ratings

J McBride ,

Please Anything Other Than "He's Foreign!" Geez...

Neil has never been one to shy from social commentary, but what separates him from most of his peers, and especially from most of his social-commentary-inclined peers, is the manner he uses for expressing his observations: through (often) compelling music.

This record is no exception. I was curious about what it would sound like without the choir, as the choir was what grabbed me about the original release. And while I do miss the hundred or so back-up singers, I am glad to be able to focus more on the lyrical and musical content--which is pretty damn good.

Listen, here's the thing: greed is hard to write about in a poetic way. It's gross and sloppy and requires ugly words that don't slide off the tongue or ease themselves into lines that we repeat as we're walking down the street. This record is no exception, in many spots... However, there are moments, and lines, that are brilliant and that capture the essence of the wrongs and rights in a way that

Was Neil Young born in the US? No. But does he spend a ton of money in the US? Yes. Does he finance a whole lot of things in the US with the taxes he pays on the money he makes from being a top-tier performer and musician, and also through all the people he employs as such a performer? Absolutely. So please, PLEASE stop talking about whether Neil Young has a right to criticize the US government. Obviously not enough Americans are aware enough of how misguided this administration has been. And he's actually contributing A LOT more to the US than most Americans are contributing. Oh wait, sorry I should have explained--by "contributing," I mean adding to the culture and paying a lot of money by living here, NOT watching TV and complaining about who has a right to complain. So, you know.

And since when does a foreign-born person NOT have a right to make commentary?

We're in BAD shape if WE are the only ones who get to make comments about ourselves. If the last several years has taught us anything, it's gotta be that.

Anyway, this record is good. Check it out.

marshbt ,

Good, but if you have the original living with war...

This is Neil's raw version of the Living With War CD. The only real difference in this version is the lack of the 100 voice choir that brightened up the original release. This version is just Neil, guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet. I like it better w/o the choir, but other than that nothing new. You might want to wait for Living With War Raw's release in stores because it is accompanied by a DVD w/ high-quality audio and all the videos he made for the songs.

MajiCat ,

Neil doesn't have to have been "born in the USA"...

Everyone who wants to hate this album points that out and it sickens me. Well, let me tell you, I was in Canada recently and they devote an hour on TV nightly about THEIR troops in Iraq. American TV? The top story is, for example, Britney's custody battles or something else as trivial. Even if you don't like what Neil has to say here, at least respect it. I wish Neil would release this album yet again with kazoo instead of vocals, then maybe his critics could actually HEAR this brilliant music.

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