12 Songs, 51 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

David from Garrettsville Ohio ,

My Kind of Praise and Worship!

This album is amazing but tracks 7,8,9,and 10 all skip like a scratched CD. I've been a huge fan of Atomic Opera for years. I was looking forward to the release of an Atomic Opera CD called "Mystery of Hope" but years ago Frank Harts studio flooded and the recordings were ruined so to fans it is a mystery of what the album would have sounded like. I hope one day Frank and Atomic Opera will re-record those songs for us to enjoy but until then he released this awsome worship CD for The Lord and Christians to worship The Lord with!

FeliciaJonathan ,

Amazing album! Great inspiration!

Frank Hart is an amazing artist! He writes his songs from his soul and then sings with such passion and heart! I am thankful to be able to listen to Almighty God at sun up and sun down!!

GaryI ,

Great Mashup of Classic Rock, Blues, and Christianity

If you are a big fan of Contemporary Christian Music, or enjoy listening to your local Christian radio station, stay away from this album. There is very little else on iTunes like this. Frank Hart is an uncompromising, untraditional worship leader who doesn't care that he doesn't fit into a convenient marketing category. These tunes were not crafted to sell records. They were honed through 10 years of his unique style of worship. What is most special about this album to me is not just the classic rock style of music but the classically ancient foundation of the lyrics. Just look at the album cover, reflecting the four living creatures quoted in Rev 4:8 - the head of a lion, an eagle, a man, and a bull. Yes, maybe God wasn't refering to a longhorn, but Frank is based in Texas! If you enjoy this album as much as I have, check out his 2006 release "Human Liturgy".