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16 Ratings

GreatTasteLessFilling ,

What happened to SAD WINGS OF DESTINY??

I have purchased SWOD and now its not available to other Priest fans on iTunes. Granted, it was not input correctly and the song order got screwed up. Finally someone fixed it’s order BUT the numbers assigned to wrong order remained. Really weird way to treat the originators of NWOBHM.
Anyways if your just getting aquainted with priest I also believe this compilation is NOt the best way to go if your budget can buy entire albums. If your broke like me this would be a pretty good purchase to revisit the decades of hits for JP.

Ryuhgfvbvccjffjxx ,

Not the best way to get into Priest

I'm not the biggest priest fan, but the band is much better than this albums representation. If you want to get into the band, check out these albums:
Sad Wings of Destiny
Stained Class
Screaming For Vengeance
Defenders of the Faith
Angel of Retribution (to get a sense of their newer stuff)

The Rocker XXX ,

Classic metal

A nice way to get your feet wet. Doesn't go deep enough though. Please investigate some of their deeper cuts of their albums. But perfect for those who are newbies to the Priest!

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