Livin' My Best Life

Livin' My Best Life

A lot has changed for Dylan Scott in the last few years. Since debuting with his hit self-titled album in 2016, the country singer-songwriter has gotten used to married life, had children, and amassed a legion of dedicated fans who love his brand of pop country. As Scott sees it, those life changes—plus a couple of acclaimed EPs and plenty of touring in the intervening years—deeply influenced his sophomore full-length project, Livin’ My Best Life. “I'm a totally different artist from the first album to now,” Scott tells Apple Music. “We've been touring so much, and your fans really craft you. You see what your fans really want at your live show, and they're the ones that really craft who you are and help you find out who you are. With this album, I know who I am. I know what my fans want. And it's just more me, more who I am.” Below, Scott shares insight into several key tracks on Livin’ My Best Life. “New Truck” “With ‘New Truck,’ it's just a great song, and it's different, right? It's written in a way that I've never really heard a truck song written, and so that's what really captivated me in the beginning. First and foremost, I consider myself a singer and entertainer. I didn't move to this town to be a songwriter. It's just happened along the way. And I love writing songs, but there are great songwriters in this town. If you overlook their music, it's like, man, what are you doing? You're shooting yourself in the foot, because there's great songs out there.” “Static” “I didn't write ‘Static,’ but I lived ‘Static.’ Growing up middle-of-nowhere in Louisiana and then moving to Nashville—at 19—it was a different city then, a big city compared to where I was from. And it's like, ‘Man, get out of the city, find a dirt road, find a back road, hear a little static on the radio.’ ‘New Truck’ and ‘Static’ were written either the same day or the same week at a writers’ retreat by the same writers.” “Lay Down With You” “It's a song I wrote. I took the chorus in to Dallas Davidson and Matt Alderman, my producer, and they brought it home. My dad's like, ‘Hey, you got to do straight-down-the-middle country like when I was a kid.’ ‘Lay Down With You,’ it's just traditional. It's right-down-the-middle country, and I love that. That's what I grew up on.” “Tough” “Of all the lyrics in the song, the very first line, ‘Boy, I'll teach you how to hunt.’ I'm a big hunter. I grew up hunting, so that one caught me. And then honestly, I love the first chorus when it comes in and says, ‘When she walks in, she'll mess you up, make you want to learn to dance and go clean out your truck.’ Yeah, that's me. I've been there. I've done that.”

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