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48 Ratings

TimberWolf337 ,

An Album Only Hard-Core Genesis Fans Can Appreciate

For many Collins-era and hard core Genesis fans who followed the band throughout their career, the chance to see the dominant line-up reunite last year was a blessing, and the concerts were truly enjoyable. This CD contains the setlist from the tour with songs taken from various concerts across Europe. The setlist is a fantastic mix of old and new, hits and misses, and various instrumental pieces that became popular at the band's live shows over the years. The musicianship on this record is fantastic. But it's not necessarily an album that casual listeners would enjoy, #1 because it's live, and #2 because of the various extended and instrumental pieces the casual listener probably couldn't tolerate. Another thing that probably wouldn't sit well with casual listeners, and even hard core fans is the fact that the keys for some songs were significantly lowered to accomidate Phil's voice. Phil's voice has become deeper and softer over the past 12 years or so, and he has lost quite a bit of the edge in his voice he had back in the 80s and early 90s. This, along with the lowered keys, unintentionally, gives certain songs a 'heartless' feeling, especially the more driving songs like Home By The Sea, Domino, In The Cage and No Son Of Mine which kind of require a rough edge in the voice. Of these, only No Son Of Mine, does Phil make use of his rough edge. While there is a lack of edge in the singing, there is plenty in the music to make up for it. All musicians perform extremely well, and there is definant enthusiasm in their playing. This is an album that most hard core, all-eras Genesis fans would enjoy, and love to have in their collection. As for the casual listener, it's probably not worth the buy.

Patineton ,

Beware the key changes

First off, before I get labeled a hater for daring to write a critical review of this set, let me make it clear that I have been a big Genesis fan for a number of decades now. I was very interested when I heard that the band got back together, if a little dubious at the prospect they were just touring their old stuff, with no new tunes. Still, live Genesis is about as good as it gets, so my hopes were high.

However, when playing this set, I was a bit disheartened when, after a rousing rendition of Duke's Intro, the band then launched into a version of Turn it on Again that sounded like it was coming from a record that was playing too slowly. The pitch was decidedly lower than what I was used to, and consequently the song was much less spirited than past recorded performances. I forwarded to No Son of Mine - same thing. Wondering if I was remembering correctly, I broke out my old Genesis CDs and compared: sure enough - out of the twenty-one songs on this set, no fewer than twelve have been transposed to a lower key. I can only presume this is because Phil Collins can no longer hit the high notes the way he used to, and the songs were lowered to save strain on his voice. I can certainly sympathize; these guys aren't spring chickens any more, and time does take a toll, especially given the way Collins used to sing. Still, there is a sense of loss in it. More importantly, the key in which music is written has everything to do with the mood of the piece. Changing the key very much changes the impact of the music. In many instances, these songs simply do not hit with the kind of intensity or vigor that they should. Moreover, their arrangements are about as predictable as a plot in a James Bond movie; they play these songs the same way (not counting the key changes) they've always played them in concert. Considering how many live Genesis albums are already out there, it begs the question, why do we need another set, especially one where they have to alter their performances to account for technical shortcomings in the band members? On the whole, I got the sad feeling I was listening to a once-great act that is now just going through the motions.

On the plus side, the band is as tight as it has always been, and this is without question the best recorded live Genesis set I have heard. It also presents the greatest range of material we've yet had on a Genesis live album, although material from Abacab is notably lacking. For people who don't mind the key changes, or just love the band no matter what, these qualities will be sufficient to make the purchase worthwhile. However, when I think of their great live records of the past, or the excellence of their studio albums, I have to concede, reluctantly, that this set just does not meet the same standard.

AlohaBrit ,

Genesis Live Over Europe 2007

Genesis fans old and new will not miss with this purchase. Despite what some other reviewers wrote this album is full of raw energy and power. The sound is rich and full. I don't care if it got tricked up in the studio. Thanks Phil, Mike, Tony, Daryl and Chester in one afternoon you took me back 30 years to sneaking in the Sixth Form room to listen to the new Genesis album - Wind & Wuthering. Best $11.99 I have spent on ITunes.

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