30 Songs, 2 Hours 30 Minutes


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4.1 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

Daytona2Denver ,


Everything Alter Bridge does is great. So stoked for this.

I-can-not-think-of-a-nickname ,


Everybody here has something bad to say about this album. This album is $14.69 on Amazon, and it has 30 SONGS!!! (13-song albums on Amazon are usually for $9-$11) AB put on a great show in London (that's where the O2 Arena is), and I love the album! All the haters shut your traps and just let people enjoy the best band in the world (besides Rush)!


Not Cool Napalm Records

I intially blamed iTunes for this, but no matter where you go, you'd have to pay for the entire album. Napalm Records is actually the one to blame for making us buy the entire album. For years, fans just wanted a chance to buy the unreleased tracks but now we have to buy a bunch of live songs we may not want and bonus songs we already have? Most people already have "Zero", "Home", and "We Don't Care at All" as they are available on iTunes. Now people that already have them have to buy them again so we can get the other unreleased tracks. This is really frustrating as I've been waiting a long time for these rare tracks. I want to support Alter Bridge, but it would've been better if they just released an ablum for just B-sides. Because I want these B-sides that bad, I'll cave in and buy the entire album.

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