8 Songs, 58 Minutes


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8 Ratings

J Labas ,

Makes you feel a thought

One of Chicago's most exciting guitarists, currently there are few that can match Chris Siebold's range, or discipline. This recording is a terrific document of a promising young group, playing at one of the city's best venues. His band is the "A-list" of the local scene's working musicians.
He's a guitarist that has the skills to play any type of music, so it's interesting to hear where his compositions land: a nice place between heart and head. Technical ability that still has soul, restraint and taste.
"Ikebana" is quite an adventure: It starts like a graceful boat ride down an exotic river, with it's percolating tuned percussion and velvet brass. But the waters pick up speed and soon we are in a thrilling swarm of double-time guitar and harmonica solos, speedily soaring through the air, only to gently land again in a cool relaxing mist. A stand out track!
There are some truly heart tugging melodies on here ("Form Letter To God", "Still", "Believe"). Also some precise and mind-bending solos in his unique, fully formed guitar style. Fans of Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth, Pat Metheny, and Alex Lifeson will find a lot to like here. Flecktones fans take note, as well: Howard Levy's harmonica tears the roof off one minute, then offers supportive accompaniment, the next.
All the arrangements have nice balance and flow, covering a lot of stylistic ground while never losing a cohesive voice. Intelligent but not intimidating, accessible but not pandering, ultimately universal. Combining the best elements of jazz, rock, blues, and pop, this is just exceptionally solid music. Period.

saxmandudeguy ,

Holy crap what a record!

Fantastic release from some of the finest musicians in the city of Chicago. This band is killing.