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10 Ratings

MartinXS ,

Incredibly tracks

Amazing film Amazing tracks

Zanstar73 ,

Wonderful Soundtrack to go with great movie!

Love, love, love this soundtrack especially the song "When You Find Love" such a upbeat positive song. It got my attention during the closing credits. This is exactly the type of song the world needs more of. Just hearing it, can bring sunshine to your day. Altman & Foster, you guys are a great team! I hope we get to hear more of your work in the future.

just some guy on iTunes ,

Indie scores classic movie

This movie was so classic, just saw it yesterday. Broke down watching it; rarely do that in a public showing, but the film was relentless in its powerful storytelling.

Here's what makes a good score: when the movie moves you, and you notice the music from time to time, but it doesn't distract attention from the film itself. That means the music served the film, rather than dominated it. Some movies succeed here, others fail. Thomas Newman is an example of getting it right: Zimmer is an example of getting it wrong. I got that from this movie, and more. I barely noticed the music, and the story blew me away.

The music perfectly complimented the score. From the excitement in the boy's imaginary adventures with his dad, to losing his dad to the war, to the magic of moving things with his mind .... there's an indescribable cuteness in this score, lots of whistling, playful beats that don't drop too heavy, a youthful Western coolness when the boy stands up to his bullies, a sadness when the boy is let down hard, and pure joy in the surprise movie ending.

Overall, this was probably one of the best movies I've seen in the last two or three years, and I'm extremely picky. I broke down in tears during the scene where the boy cried his little heart out, and the music complimented it perfectly.

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