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4.8 out of 5
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158 Ratings

oh•vell ,

mastery of an art not appropriate for itunes to even behold. at all.

this is not something you would find on the itunes homepage. ever.
or the homepage of anything besides constellation records, for that matter.
the sad truth is that we live in a time where music such as this simply cannot be appreciated by the masses enough to get even half the recognition it deserves. i mean if the majority of people like it, it must be good, right? ha, tell that to (insert mainstream rap or pop "artist" here)
no, though most may not be captivated by this kind of aural obliteration, it is one of the greatest pieces of music ever put together. like a reviewer stated already about zero kanada, this band WILL GET YOU HIGH. all of there works are utterly epic, but believe me put "static" on and TRY to fall asleep. at 13 minutes in i was beginning to fear that there was a creature of unknown power and stature trying to scrape and claw its way out of my speakers. that is not an exaggeration, or a metaphor. i mean i was having VISIONS.
this band will make you lose your senses.

skasucks ,

freakin' sweet

Awesome, very enjoyable, but everything on this album is around 20 minutes long. Not that that's a bad thing, but unless you have the oppurtunity for a really long car ride through a barren landscape, or you have the option of staying in a room that's devoid of all contact with the outside world for an hour and a half it'll be out of context and it won't affect you like it would otherwise. This is one of my favorite CDs although I must say, the majority of my friends found it boring, so if you want loud, fast, murder the government music you should probably avoid it.

chaoscactus ,

Don't iTunes This One

This is probably my favorite album, ever. That other reviewer is correct, you shouldn't buy this on iTunes. The track listings are wrong, it's too expensive, and you don't get the incredible 2-disc package that you would if you bought it instead. Give this one time, and it will most likely become one of your favorites too. The key is in the first track.

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