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4.6 out of 5
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155 Ratings

Chief5683 ,

Good stuff

CLB is an up and coming amazing band with amazing people. Thumbs up! Wow. I read some negative comments and can't believe what I'm reading. I've worked with this band for two years and personally know the musicians, their personalities, and families. All the people in the Chris Lane Band are humble including Chris. Don't hide behind a user name like cowards do, give your real name. I'm Keith Owens.

NCCntrymusicfan25 ,

Name Change: "Chelsea Sorrell Band"

There is more AutoTune on this than a T-Pain album.

The star of this band is Chelsea Sorrell, and because of her American Idol experience she isn't even allowed to be apart of the live music scene for a while. Such a shame because the girl can actually sing, where Chris can't. I do find it funny though that this sounds nothing like the band does live. (Chris and his band are going to need that year Chelsea can't perform to rehearse day in and day out to get their sound to be near 50% of what this CD represents.)
I wanted to give this a chance but I can't bring myself to buy even 1 of the .99 songs on here because of the poor quality, as well as knowing how cocky Chris has become.
The first comment left in response says it well, "I think all the "Fame" is going to his head", and sadly enough he is only riding the fame of Chelsea.

Sorry to be so negative towards this, but with seeing this band go from where they started to the way Chris acts now, Chelsea is the one who has stayed true to herself and the fans, and Chris has become so arrogant and acts like its all because of Him. By listening to this, he has along way to go vocally before he has "it", because there are just some things Auto-Tune, Effects can't fix.

To ask the same question as the first person, Why IS Chelsea's vocals turned town so much on her parts if it is a duet? Wait.. They had to make room for Chris's BIG HEAD.

Ashleyac1982 ,

Great Job - Music is Cut Throat

The Chris Lane Band has come a long way in the past few years. Yes, it's true Chelsea is a great singer and due to American Idol legalities cannot sing. But the truth of the matter is that the music industry is cut throAt. Not everyone has to like the people who tops the charts, but they top the charts for a reason, people are willing to pay money to listen to them. We as fans, have no idea the work that goes behind releasing an album annnd for ANY artist regardless of circumstance or sound breaking top 10 as an unsigned group is huge! I think it is a great crossover sound and likely to appeAl to a broad audience. On a side note 75% of artists out there do not sound like their recorded tracks because of the wonders of technology, Chris is no different. Job well done.

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