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4.7 out of 5
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9 Ratings

girlwithaguitar ,

Very Catchy!

This album was quite a surprise since this was my first time hearing Susannah's music. After just one listen, I found myself humming the songs and her vocals are feminine without being whiny and what I consider to be too etheral. The cover of "Vienna" was a pleasant surprise as i adore the original. Great cover! Her sound is radio-friendly while giving you a slight hint of something you haven't heard before. Great little find and I definitely recommend it!

njtola ,

Love It!

Catchy songs, great voice, and a variety of styles on this album. Especially love her rendition of "Vienna", and I never thought anything could top the original! Ms. Blinkoff proved me wrong.

zekez ,

Fresh Sound

Recording a cover song can be risky for a musician. While most classical music (generally speaking) are covers of the music giants (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach), recording pop music seems to have different rules. Original work is praised as golden; cover songs must be outstanding to be successful. What difference does it make whether a recording is an original or a cover if the performance is passionate or inspiring?

I definitely felt that way about Susannah’s version of Vienna (Billy Joel). Her phrasing is silky stylish, but maintains an edge.

The first song on the album, “I Got Lucky”, really sets a soulful mood. Clever use of electric guitar tracks adds to the overall quality of this leadoff song.

Her song lyrics express feelings that everyone has experienced at one time or another. The 3rd track “Good to Be Here” suggests “live life from the inside out”. Susannah successfully finds emotion from within.

In the song “Turn to Me” she expressed the simple joy of just “holding hands”.

There is some interesting keyboard work reminiscent of the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” on the track “Live On”.

This album has it’s own edge and style. There are a variety of moods on this CD, a little something everyone!

Paul Zimmerman on behalf of LaughingDogRadio

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