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4.8 out of 5
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81 Ratings

SharkToothOver_Easy ,

This Album Taught Me Karate

I've already seen this band 3 times this year and their set never gets old. I pre-ordered Laugh Tracks as soon as it was available and the first time I turned on Deadringer the mosh overtook my body and I spin-kicked my dog through the front window. He came back Inside and we did a sort of Wall Of Death type collision and the energy sent everything in my living room into oblivion. When the rest of the album came out I travelled deep into the forest to be absolutely sure none of my belongings or loved ones would be harmed. I jammed the full album on a Bluetooth speaker and 4 songs in a bear came out of nowhere windmilling his arms around like a psychopath. I dodged his attacks and kept a safe 10 foot distance to let him do his thing. It seemed like he had been having a rough week. I decided to try out some of my own stuff and to my surprise when I swung my arm into a tree it broke in half and came crashing down onto my Bluetooth speaker. Luckily it was about 28 seconds into "Counting Worms" and that "OH OH" part sent the tree airborne and shredded it like a sheet of loose leaf paper being sucked into a Jet Engine. Needless to say this album is amazing, and if you listen to it you better be ready for battle. If you happen to see them live don't forget to stage dive. Oh, and my dog is fine by the way. We had a few beers and talked it over, we're cool now.

skull king ,

Album of the year.

Crushing breakdowns, throat shredding vocals, and a insane sense of groove. Knocked loose have managed to find the perfect blend of pure aggression with an intoxicating rhythm that'll have you hate moshing for years to come.



Alll bangers

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