15 Songs, 1 Hour 2 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.1 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings

JustFlexin ,

Stronger than many say...

Many people say that this was Nas's worst album, and that may be true (although "I Am" is a definite contender), but this album is really underrated, and definitely underappreciated. Sure, when I bought it 8 years ago I was disappointed at the time, but that was because I wanted more from Nas. Picking this album back up after all that time, you really appreciate it for what it is.

I do think that this album suffered from what was a terrible trend in rap in the '90s--bloated albums. It seemed like every rapper was trying to fill their album up with 12, 13, or even 14 or more songs and silly interludes. Just imagine if this album was tight like Illmatic was with only 10 songs. Would it still be considered such a bad album if you had this line-up:

1. Life We Chose (definitely a classic)
2. Nastradamus (very underrated Nas track)
3. Project Windows (I love the laid-back flow of this song)
4. Come Get Me (one of my favorite upbeat Nas tracks--often forgotten)
5. Shoot 'Em Up (not one of my favorites, but I understand the appeal)
6. Family (Hot collabo)
7. God Love Us (I do like this track--very nice hook)
8. Quiet N****s (another slept on track...solid)
9. New World (This add a nice change of pace)
10. You Owe Me (Not one of my favorites, but you gotta have a mainstream track)

This album would probably have been 4.5 stars! No interludes...no nothing. I am glad he got back to that script with later albums--no filler!

Overall, a solid CD though, that has some real Nas classics. If you don't have it, don't listen to the naysayers. It's worth the money.

youwantpeaceprepareforwar ,

it is what it is

Mr.jones..give this man his respect talks about whats real out there.Some say this one of the weakest albums out there,not true, people need to listen a little closer.This album has crazy beats and a very good story line to diffrent aspects of living in this world.the man knows what he talking about.

pac526 ,

"nas" is the only reason you needa buy this

Nas is one of the best hip hop artists of all time this album only helps prove that. filled with energy and at the same time able to say something this has to be one of the better albums of hip hop

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