The Warriors (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Various Artists
The Warriors (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to the 1979 cult movie The Warriors features Barry De Vorzon’s ominous instrumental score interweaved with dark disco and foreboding funk. This mixture perfectly sets the tone for a comic book-esque storyline about New York City gang warfare of the late ‘70s. The anxiety-riddled “Theme From ‘The Warriors’” opens with heavy electric guitar riffs filtered through an undulating phaser effect as menacing synth lines are chased by steadily gaining drumbeats. Mandrill’s rare soul-funk track “Echoes In My Mind” is easily the album’s smoothest jam and they couldn’t have picked a better tune at the time to help characterize the deadly all-female gang The Lizzies than Genya Ravan’s “Love Is a Fire.” Even though the most intimidating gang, The Baseball Furies, got taken out a little too easily in the film, De Vorzon’s “Baseball Furies Chase” recalls the panic of the pursuit with plodding rhythms and pulsing synthesizers.

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