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On his eighth album, the West Coast house veteran strikes an electrifying balance between big-room energy—just witness the dizzying buildup of "Last Chance"—and deeper, more introspective moods. No one does bittersweet like Kaskade, and that's even truer here, as he picks up the mic for the first time.


On his eighth album, the West Coast house veteran strikes an electrifying balance between big-room energy—just witness the dizzying buildup of "Last Chance"—and deeper, more introspective moods. No one does bittersweet like Kaskade, and that's even truer here, as he picks up the mic for the first time.


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4.6 out of 5
640 Ratings

640 Ratings

LMFrancisco ,

FREAKS are going to go INSANE!

On behalf of all of the freaks who go SUPER hard for our man Kaskade, we just want to say welcome to all of the new fans! This album is going to make his fan-base increase drastically! This album is going to break records. Sexy, upbeat, moving, uplifting.. Everything you could possibly want in an album, "ATMOSPHERE" has. If you think this is bananas, try seeing him live! Love this guy.

Stephen Spinelli ,


This album is NOT for people who are expecting huge drops! This album is for real dance music lovers and Kaskade fans. If your expecting more main stream progressive house or dubstep go somewhere else!

Boo1234567543234567543 ,

My Album Review

Suprisingly one of the best set up albums I've seen in quite some time.

01 - 5/5 | Last Chance | As the first single off the album, it works as a great opener and dynamic party starter without beeing over-the-top or cheesy. You can tell how this song was designed and the amount of time that went into the perfectionist level of the song musicly.

02 - 4/5 | Why Ask Why | Surprisingly upbeat and happy! I didn't think it would sound the way it did until the chorus hit, but really it's not bad. The thing I particularly noticed was the echoing harmony after each line of the chorus.

03 - 5/5 | MIA to LAS | Although it may not have vocals, this track truly is gorgeous. Returning to his old sound, Kaskade layers on a deep Ibiza feel to this mouthwateringly slick track. The percusion is perfect and the strings hit just right during the key change in the background. This song I think is the first in a trio of similar-sounding tracks that pop up between songs on the album.

04 - 3.5/5 | No One Knows Who We Are | This is kaskade's alternate version of his original collaboration with Swanky. The punky-vocals at first stick out through this intricate down-tempo string arrangment, but slowly begin to fit more easily once the chorus hits and the cello adds an acoustic bass to carry the allready breathtaking chords.

05 - 4.5/5 | Feeling the Night | I think i couldn't really appreciate this song the first time i heard it, but once you begin to comprehend that melody of her vocals well enough, the song is reborn. Just EDM enough to play enough in a club, yet beautiful enough to play at a wedding reception. At 2:30 the chorus combines with an interesting rearangment of the drop in a really fun way. Deffinitly a memorible single.

06 - 7/5 | Take Your Mind Off | OH MY GOSH THIS IS GORGEOUS! Seriously don't be scared away by those cheesy elevator vibes, give it a REAL CHANCE. This is for shure a slick return to kaskade's forgotten sound. Truly a beautiful addition to an allready beautifully flowning album. Gradually Reflects "MIA to LAS".

07 - 5/5 | LAX to JFK | The 2nd companion to "MIA to LAS", this song provides an Ibizan feel to an interesting string arrangement that sounds off-beat at first. The highlight is drop at 1:58 that is underlined with nothing but a naked 4-on-the-floor kick drum.

08 - 6/6 | Atmosphere | What can I say? Seriously? You by this time should allready have a strong opinion of this song. Instantly recognizable, well built, and when you really think about it, musicly unique to other melodic styles I've heard before now. Wether or not it faces mainstream succes, any EDM fan after 2013 will recognize this easily. And a big kudos for the courage to sing your own song, Kaskade! Highly rare for most DJs.

09 - 5.5/5 | Missing You | Sadly underestimated and forgotten about. Arguably the best single off the album. This girl adds vocal twists to add complexity to an only decent melody. I'm not kidding just the shear way the voals deliver gives a reborn meaning to the chord progression carrying the track.

10 - 3/5 | Something Something | Very rock-breathy male vocals + downtempo allmost "dubstep"-stylized percussion give this song a very "Radioactive - Imagine Dragons" feel. If discovered, it'd easily fit as a pop song on the radio. Decent.

11 - 4.5/5 | SFO to ORD | The final song of the "MIA to LAS" trilogy. A fun light-hearted track beginig in white noise and percussion, it progresses to more fun synths and a repeating bass in the back. Carrys a story and progresses, it can be used as filler or the main course.

12 - 5/5 | Floating | This, more then any other song defines the light, softer, magical feel that carries through the album as a whole. Will be remembered years from now as a defining Kaskade song. It Is just emtpy ambient sounding progression carried GORGEOUSLY by Haley's light, airy, vocals. I feel many remixes coming on for this song very soon.

13 - 7/5 | How It Is | Just as Missing You, highly underestimated. It should have been named "Sound", considering she mentions the phrase "How it is" only once. Very typical to the Dynasty sound and just an all-around a very pretty piano ballad with some nearly tropical percusion and unforgetable vocals. Highly recomended.

14 - 4/5 | Atmosphere (Redux Edit) | Really, Kaskade, there wasn't any reason for a key change, it made it just kind of disorientating. What I enjoyed, though, was the "MIA to LAS" feel I mentioned earlier. Really, this track just says "OK stop criticizing us americans, we got house just as good as yours".

15 - 4/5 | Atmosphere (Music Video) | Not THAT interesting, though I can't deny how visually dynamic it was. Kaskade was just to cool for school (Not in a stupid way) and It was really fun and colorful. Watching the behind the scenes made me SO jealous of all the fans that gpt to appear in it. I'm glad I got it.

Overall, this album was the redifining sound for Kaskade, not only as a comeback or return to old sound, but a progression to a lighter, opener, yet danceable feel not really claimed yet by anybody before now. Really something imposible to regret, whether your new to kaskade or EDM, a diehard fan, or you just stumbled across this and have no idea what any of this is. May as well get it, especially for what? $10? Wow. 5/5.

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