12 Songs, 46 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

strat14 ,

Absolutely Stunning………..

Romantic, sexy and playful……it's been a long time since I cam remember liking an entire album, but every track is wonderful. Brigitte can now claim her rightful place among today's best jazz vocalists…………romance is cool again………thanx Brigitte!

chucklehead 47 ,

Dig it.

Beautiful voice, great production and arrangements. If you're a fan of classic songwriting and top notch players and recording you need this.

liquidsky9 ,

I Just Love You, Brigitte Zarie

What a beautiful voice, what a beautiful soul. Brigitte Zarie in my opinion, is maybe the most heartful and classic of all female jazz vocalists that have come along since the likes of Lady Day. While reminiscent of Billie, Brigitte also brings her own custom layering and crafting that is all her, and only her. The truth is simply this: no one else sounds like Brigitte. The world is lucky to have her contribution to both the Jazz and the overall music pantheon. Her music is for music lovers and appreciators of expert craftsmanship – or in this case, craftswomanship!

I first discovered Brigitte (pronounced Bri-zheet) Zarie's music a few years ago, and I was immediately blown away by her incredible masterpiece album, 'Make Room for Me'. What she did with that collection of songs, was create a full and complete listening experience through artful storytelling and captivating arrangements. What I realized very early on, was that album was just begging to be listened to, in its entirety, in one sitting – which I’ve done many times and enjoyed immensely every time. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, dim the lights, and try it sometime – you'll see what I mean. In other words, the album was like watching a great movie or seeing a great play. Also as such, the listener can hear something new each time through, which is the mark of great art and why her music is so timeless.

Truly the only thing missing from that album was a Grammy nomination and it’s a crime it never happened – especially given all the incredible chart records many of those songs were setting at number 1 and 2, and in the top 10, on the likes of popjazzradio.com last year.

Now that I have heard Brigitte's new effort, 'L'amour' in it's entirely, I get the exact same feeling, only this time it's a different movie or play. She's introduced some new flavors, feelings, and textures here that take the listener on the same kind of journey as 'Make Room', just with different characters, settings, and themes. With ‘L’amour’, she’s delivered another incredible work of art – as only she could. I love it!

One thing is for sure. If Johnny Cash were still around to hear what she did with 'I Walk the Line', he would approve and appreciate her incredibly unique take. The other standard covered by nearly everybody from the mid-60's on, 'Quiet Nights', is the best version I've heard. Every song on this album has something 'special' about it.

Listening to Brigitte's voice is like sipping a fine Remy or Hennessy XO cognac. It's just that smooth and layered, and any Jazz or music lover should have both 'L'amour', and 'Make Room for Me', in their library. As an author and arranger of her mostly original compositions, and the way in which she weaves a full classic jazz ensemble sound loaded with the kind of heart, soul, and feeling reminiscent of yesteryear into every song, Brigitte Zarie is a very special, one-of-a-kind talent. Highly recommended. 5 stars out of 5.

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