14 Songs, 56 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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2.8 out of 5
369 Ratings

369 Ratings

Chris Hallinan ,

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Who the hell is D4L?
What the F*** are you people thinking giving this group two and a half stars? they deserve none.
When did Asylum Records give them a chance to even be in the music business.
Where did they get their synth beat from? An old school gameboy game?
Why am even reviewing this album?
This has to be one of the worst albums i have ever heard, and proves once again that rock is better than rap.

SocomRaider ,


If you want to talk about underground, there are better artists out there (Tech N9ne, Brother Ali). The whole album sounds like it was put together in someones bathroom or basement. Lyrics are a joke. Sounds like someone trying to make money off of throwing out a cheaply made disc. I can make better beats off of Garageband. Bad delivery, bad lyrics, bad beats, just an overall bad production that shouldn't have made it out of someones shower-tub studio.

Twixx n' da Mixx ,

very funny

right, the lyrics are a joke, and it does sound like it was put together in someone's basement. but it sounds good. the beats are really nice (even though all the beats are similar).
i like to laugh, and this alum keeps me laughing. my joint is betcha can't do it like me when they be like "nope!".
but yo, on the real, some of ya'll need to quit hatin on D4L. matter fact, stop hatin period. yeh they aint no tupac, biggie, T.I , or outkast. but they got they own style, and they aint worried about what ya'll got to say. for every hater there ia a lover. and i am one of them lover's.
ya'll alway's got something sarcastic to say but can ya'll do a better job?... Nope!, I betcha can't do it like them. ha, ha... i crack myself up.

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