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36 Ratings

Tadwinkle ,


I saw this in previews. I sat in the seat where I had to help Billie off the stage all night. I won't say that I had to help Audra off the stage because, from the moment she walked onto that stage, she was Billie. Audra earned that record-breaking Tony Award. After the show, she proved why she is so universally loved, also. There were about 10 of us waiting to meet her. There was a girl about 13-years-old. Audra pulled her over the barrier, stood and talked and sang with her for about 15 minutes. None of us cared how long she took with that one person because it was beautiful. The look on the girls...and her mothers...face was worth it. She is just an amazing person both on-stage and off.

MusicandSoul1290 ,

A Flawless Recreation of Billie Holiday

I saw Ms. McDonald in “Lady Day” back in June and out of all the Broadway shows and operas I have seen, this performance, led almost entirely by Audra McDonald (with fabulous musical accompaniment by her band), easily takes the top of the greatest performances I have ever seen. One cannot call her portrayal of the late, great Lady Day an imitation because it was meticulously on-point and her vocal style and mannerisms too verisimilitudinous. After the second note Ms. McDonald sang, there was an audible gasp from the audience. It was as if Billie herself returned to that theatre in New York (which was beautifully transformed into a small, intimate nightclub). Any fans of Billie Holiday MUST have this in their collection. Ms. McDonald breaths new life into not only Billie’s music, but Billie’s own words and story, which has long been buried beneath urban legends and myths. I am absolutely ecstatic that her performance has been captured. A must-have!

River_Rose ,

Amazing, just amazing.

I have always loved Audra McDonald. I saw her as Bess in “Porgy and Bess”, so I knew I had to see her in Lady Day. From the minute she came out, I realized, she wasn’t Audra McDonald anymore, she was Lady Day. In the middle of the show, when she first came out with the dog, she asked me if I would like to pet it. I later found out that she had never done it before; it was completely improved. The biggest thing though? You would have thought it was written into the script from the way her accent never slipped, her style of speaking staying perfectly. Audra McDonald is just the nicest person too, I met her after the show, and she was just so nice to me, so incredibly kind and happy to talk with me despite being exhausted from what really is a one woman show. I have been waiting eagerly for the CD to come out. All I can say is this; If you have any doubts about buying this soundtrack, put them to rest. Any fan of Billy Holiday, Audra McDonald, or really anyone who is looking for a good listen should purchase this album. Bravo Audra McDonald, bravo!

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