17 Songs, 1 Hour 8 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.7 out of 5
229 Ratings

229 Ratings

MF`n brettster ,

A Bonafide Masterpiece

this 'album' is so unique that even mudvayne themselves couldn`t top it. im a huge mudvayne fan seen them 9 times & cant wait to see them again. the other albums are fantastic,but this one stands alone. it is a must have, just buy it !!!!!!!

hybrid47 ,

One of my favorite albums ever.

This album is an amazing, it is a great mix of math metal, Thrash, alternative metal, and hooks. I would personally argue against calling this a nu metal album, as the similarities to the genre, such as brief rapping are fleeting. This is still Mudvayne’s best album which is saying a lot because their other stuff is good too. Here’s a breakdown on the tracks.

1. Monolith- Just sounds and a talk on human evolution, the bands solute to Stanley Kubrick

2. Dig- this is a great warm up track to get you pumped for the album. 9/10

3. Internal Primates Forever- this is another very intense song, more interesting than dig. 10/10

4. -1- this is a pretty good rhythm and some interesting instrumental, but isn’t a really important track.9/10

5. Death Blooms- melodic and emotional this is a very important turn in the album, great sing-scream in this song.10/10

6. Golden Ratio- like monolith but with no talking from a professor, it can blend right in to the beginning of the next song.

7. Cradle- This is another great sing-scream song, this is a very angry song and is one of the albums more profane tracks. I am reasonably sure it’s about child abuse. 10/10

8. Nothing to Gein- this is a song about the necrophiliac Ed Gein. It is very moody and emotional as well as angry, talking about how Gein’s mom was over protective.10/10

9. Mutatis Mutandis- more weird sounds.

10. Everything and Nothing- this is a pretty good song just to keep the album running smoothly though not one of the most important tracks.8/10

11. Severed- this is my favorite song on the album and by Mudvayne period. I think the point of this song is being cut off from everything, possibly inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey which the band sights as inspiration. This song is incredibly well executed great bass, cool guitars and drums, and the vocals really convey a depth of emotion. This song is Mudvayne’s gleaming multifaceted epic.10/10

12. Recombinant Resurgence- another sound collaboration.

13. Prod- this is a really good track which takes a break from the intensity of the rest of the album and is more melodic. This song has to do with Hal’s feelings in 2001: A Space Odyssey. 10/10

14. Pharmaecopia- this is my second favorite track on the album. This song is more intense than dig but also more melodic at the same time, it has to do with the whole drug mentality and the fact that people on drugs are always unsatisfied.10/10

15. Under My Skin- this is a really cool and heavy track that adds in slight elements of rapcore. This could’ve been in the beginning of the album though. 9/10

16. (K)nown F(Orever)- this is a really great track to end the album and combines many of the elements of the earlier tracks into one song. Also a very good instrumental piece. Cool lyrics, cool chorus, and the breakdown at the end is epic.10/10

17. Lethal Dosage- the title track (sort of), another song like Monolith.

If you’re looking for a thought provoking album or just some good heavy metal buy this album.

uberman55 ,

Like a completaly different band.....

Mudvayne on this album is completely different from The end of all....., Lost and Found, and the new game. People who know mudvayne from those albums won't like this one, with the exception of dig. I hate people overrating dig though. Other great songs are -1, Death Blooms, Nothing to Gein, Everything and Nothing, Severed, and Under my skin. Get this if you like experimental metal.

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