14 Songs, 1 Hour 10 Minutes


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2 Ratings

Pomatojuice ,

Don’t know where to start? Get this one!

Buck-Tick has an extensive catalogue spanning decades that can prove daunting for new fans. I think this one is a perfect first B-T album for new fans that don’t know where to start.

This isn’t your normal “greatest hits” compilation. The guys went back and re-recorded and rearranged these songs to make an amazing, cohesive album. If you like what you hear, you can choose to go back and pick up the early albums and hear different versions of these, or jump ahead and pick up some of the newer stuff.

B-T reimagines themselves with nearly every album, but I really love what they did with this one. The way “...In Heaven...” immediately transitions into “Moonlight” blew my mind the first time I heard it! And personally, I like some of the versions of these songs better than the original (Oriental Love Story in particular)

While this was not my FIRST Buck-Tick album, it was one of the first few I picked up when I started getting into these guys and I highly recommend it!


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