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5 Ratings

Enamoured501 ,


God blessed your with talents, music. May the Lord continue to bless you sir!

CandiceMichelle1 ,

Beautiful ambient-piano soundscapes!

Michael Whalen is a veteran of over 700 TV and film scores, thousands of commercials and numerous TV themes and video games. A highly versatile composer, his superb discography and many associated projects span new age, ambient, classical, pop, jazz and fusion styles of music. The follow-up recording to his outstanding 2017 release, Dream Cycle, which incorporated ambient-electronic and dreamy vocal elements, Whalen’s newest album, Kiss the Quiet (subtitled Meditations on Life & Love) is comprised of ten compositions that equally stuns with its haunting blend of subtle ambient textures and atmospherically minimal piano. Topping it off is the impeccable mastering skills of none other than Tom Eaton, who’s crafted some top-notch ambient-piano albums of his own.

The title piece, “Kiss the Quiet”, beautifully introduces the album with gossamer textures thinly enshrouding the listening space like a moonlit mist, as a tenderly lulling piano melody reverberates throughout the twilight soundscape. Following next is “Heart So Full of Joy”, which livens the mood a bit with a gently forceful and soulful melody played on piano amid synthetic strings and twinkling timbres. Next is “Full Moon Dance”, which opens with a melody that somewhat reminds me of the classic nursery song, “Lullaby”, albeit more elegant, flowing and sophisticated in what perhaps can be likened to a lullaby for adults.

The next three compositions are comparatively moodier, beginning with the aptly-titled “Almost Touching Heaven”, which imparts a beautifully mysterious and contemplative atmosphere of spacious piano notes that seemingly echo among protracted halls. Equally stunning is “The Prayer Box”, which feels both nocturnal and solitary. Characterized by a perfectly understated melody, this gorgeous composition enthrallingly lingers on with each affecting note. Likewise outstanding is “No More Secrets”, which ensues with churning ambient textures accompanied by reverberating piano notes that are both dramatic yet minimalist.

Another favorite composition of mine is the second-to-last track, “Hush the Night”, which conveys both a pensive and somewhat foreboding atmosphere with its shadowy encompassing tones and somber piano chords. The mood perks up a bit with the final piece, “Ever Closer, Ever Nearer, Ever Sooner”, which seemingly relays a gentle sense of hope and optimism brushed with a subtle touch of longing.

Seeming to relate a story of closely-guarded secrets, Michael Whalen has crafted a supremely beautiful album that simultaneously conveys an overall affecting yet reticent mood throughout. Certain to have vast appeal among fans of both minimal piano and ambient music, Kiss the Quiet is easily on track to be one of the most outstanding piano albums of the year!

KathyPiano7 ,

From MainlyPiano

Michael Whalen’s "Kiss The Quiet" is subtitled “meditations on life & love” and is a very soulful exploration of both. The ten tracks on "Kiss The Quiet" are an ambient and atmospheric combination of acoustic and electric piano, synthesizers, electronics, and processing - all performed and composed by Whalen. The piano melodies are simple but very expressive, and Whalen’s very effective use of reverb and layered background sounds often creates the feeling of open space and solitude.

Whalen is a two-time Emmy winner, a BMI award winner, and an Emmy-nominated composer and music supervisor with more than 700 TV and film scores, thousands of commercials, and numerous TV themes and video games to his credit. He released his first album on the Narada label back in 1993 and his music was included in a number of Narada and Windham Hill compilations in addition to his own albums. Whalen has been an adjunct professor at the Berklee College of Music, The City College of New York and NYU, is an expert on music copyrights and music monetization, and often participates in panel discussions about the future of the music business.

"Kiss The Quiet" begins with the title track, setting the quiet, peaceful tone of the album. The piano melody is very slow and spare with a shimmering background and gives me the feeling of being up in the middle of the night, savoring the tranquility while most people are sleeping. “Heart So Filled With Joy” is one of my favorite pieces on the album. Far from a giddy dance, this piece is meditative and reflective, expressing gratitude and passionate emotion that truly comes from the heart. “Full Moon Dance” has a slow, graceful lilt that brings images of a silent romantic dance in the moonlight. “The Prayer Box” takes on a darker, more mysterious air that gradually becomes more dramatic and poignant, then gradually softens and fades away - another favorite. I also love “No More Secrets,” one of the more rhythmic and intense pieces on the album. A powerful mix of emotions fuels the driving force of the music which is again dark and mysterious but in a different way. “My Obsequious Tear” is very spare and sad, and yet it is one of the more melodic pieces on the album. Gorgeous! “Hush the Night” reflects the quiet stillness of a dark night when it feels like you are the only one awake. It is especially ambient and atmospheric, but always very peaceful. “Ever Closer, Ever Nearer, Ever Sooner” brings this beautiful album to a warm and serene close, almost like floating on a fluffy white cloud.

"Kiss The Quiet" is a very good indicator of why Michael Whalen’s music has been a part of our lives for such a long time - even if many people were not aware of it! Recommended!

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