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TrickiNikki ,

And another thing

My friend Nikki is letting me use her account to throw up a couple things I missed earlier. There's two tracks from the 2002 edition, "Sicker", which was track 4 and "Vampire Killa" which was the hidden track, that're still floating around out in the ether somewhere, so keep an eye out for those somewhere down the line. For the two people following along with the math at home, the two tracks that I'm short of the 24 I mentioned earlier are "We Want" which was only available on the UK release of the 2004 edition, but is available on this site, and the acoustic version of "Pressure" which is the hidden track on the 2004 edition, all markets. So there it is, kids, everything you ever wanted to know about the Babylon album but didn't care enough to ask about. Me? I'ma try and track down that live Matisyahu EP that was packaged with "some" versions of Light...wink, wink, nudge, nudge, there, iTunes...


Shmopee ,

Hells Yeah!

All of these "new" singles are actually re-releases of songs from the previous editions of the Babylon album; this song was track two on the 2002 edition, "Falling Down" was the end track on the 2002 edition and the ninth track on the 2003 edition; "Together" was track three on the 2002 edition and track 12 on the 2003 edition. "Brain Killer", originally entitled "Brain Killa" was the hidden track that followed "Together" on the 2003 edition. If you're a true Skindred super fan like I am, all four of these singles will be worth your time in pursuit of a more "perfect" copy of Babylon. Me? I took all three editions and mashed them together into a 24 track mega "album" that I call my "Franken-fan Mix", and frankly (nyuk, nyuk) I'm quite proud of it...I'd publish it as an iMix, but there's songs on there that aren't available on iTunes, sorry guys...Either way, if you love Skindred as much I do (and you should) or if you're just being introduced, be sure to pick these up; I can just about guarantee that they'll be the best three dollars and ninety-six cents you'll spend all day!

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