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615 Ratings

xGoJoshGox ,

Broadway has created a masterpiece!

Okay, so… WOW! I have to say I didn’t expect to like this band as much as I do. They’re sound is a lot like many of the new bands coming out these days, but with little bits of they’re own style and flare, that adds up to a delicious handful of ear candy. You take the basic sound, as I said, of a lot of music in the genre, which is the generally higher voiced vocals (i.e.: I See Stars, Burden of a Day, Saosin, Devil Wears Prada) - Not quite Jag from A Skylit Drive high, but you get the picture. Then your throw in the awesome screams, highs and lows. This creates the sound I’m trying to describe. Now, if this is all this band had going for them, they’d still be good, but they have a certain style of they’re own that sets them apart.

Listen to the track, “You Gotta Love That Southern Charm”. This track starts out with a bit of distortion and guitar feedback for the first couple seconds and delivers a 30 second splendor of a guitar intro to a great vocal lead in that will have you begging to repeat the song ‘just one more time’. If music could express cockyness, this would be a great song to use as an example. Taking into consideration the sound of most of the rest of the album, you hear this song and it’s almost not the same band. It’s like, “Yeah, we can do THIS too!”. I love it. It makes me wonder what else they will have in store for us in the future. This isn’t the only song with the cocky tone to it, the album makes sure you don’t forget here and there. Just when you may think that two songs sound the same, you’ll be made to change your mind.

Fast forward to the last track, “The Prom Queen Has No Friends”, and you will get to a great use of the poppy/techno brand of Auto-Tune effect that is played to the background of the muffled sounding, banging on a trashcan style drum beat that fit’s all to perfectly together, and then BOOM! You get slammed with some great heavy screaming in the “Breakdown” section of the song that makes you want to mosh with your girlfriend in the passenger seat. You will see bits of this “techno-y” effect scattered throughout bits and pieces of the album, always delivered at the perfect time of course. The song, “You Bring the Thunder, I’ll Bring the Lightning” is another good example.

The album guest features two singing legends in my mind, Craig Owens (of Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise, & Solo) and Jonny Craig (former Ghost Runner on Third and Dance Gavin Dance, now Emarosa, & beginning a Solo Career as well). You may have heard Craig on In Fear And Faith’s song “The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions”, and Jonny on Lower Definition’s “Pueblo Cicada”. Craig Owens is featured on Kingdom’s track called “The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky”, an instant highlight of the album. Jonny is featured on the track titled, “Don’t Jump the Shark, Before You Save the Whale”. That song has to be my favorite on the album. Not only because it is graced by Jonny Craig’s exquisite vocal performance, but the entire song is just amazing. The beginning of the song just shouts, “EPIC!”. The song to me is about a sort of personal evolution. Coming into a greater way of seeing things, and taking in life from a new, more mature and optimistic perspective. With lines like, “I just never learn, it's always the same fork in the road
And I turn without knowing where I wanna to go. It's redundant but I'm hoping that, it lasts.” and, “It's not enough, We're breaking up and out of sight. Just give me some, time to think. It will be alright. If it was up to me we'd be just fine”. I do believe that this song will leave a strong impact on you.

The song titled A.W.O.L. … It’s a good song, it really is. It’s “the slow song”. It’s all piano, which is the thing that kind of depresses me. It’s a good song, I just really wish it was with an acoustic guitar, or two. Nevertheless, still a good song. Great lyrics.

This whole album is just amazing!!! It’s worth ten times what you pay for it, and if you even KIND of like the previews of the songs, this album will not disappoint. Get it!

Broadway could easily be one of the bigger bands in our future, lets all give them the jump-start they deserve.

michaelCBOS ,


this is a great cd! Broadway's debut is 12 songs of pure amazingness! They put on a great show live and they are all talented musicians and nice guys. I reccomend buying the whole cd, it's worth it!

2. Redeeming a Monster- took a while to grow on me personally but i now love the song, good guitar and great singing. 8.5/10
3. Last Saturday - a good song, but not my favorite. They played this when i saw them which kidna dispaointed because theres better songs on this cd. 7.5/10
4. Meg Ryan Would Play You In the Movie- I love the ending to this song and the rest of the song is good, great drums. 8/10
5. Don't Jump the Shark Before You Save the Whale - One of my favorite, probably second best IMO. Great vocals from Misha and JC. good screaming also. 9.5/10
6. We Are Paramount - one of my favorites also. really good song to throwdown to and the heaviest on the cd. 8.5/10
8. Gotta Love That Southern Charm- My favorite, really catchy chorus and great guitar. 10/10
9. You Bring the Thunder, I'll Bring the Lightning- one of the okayish songs, good chorus. i like this song. 7.5/10
10. AWOL- this song song slows down the cd, and i personally dont really like it, but its alright for a ballady track its shows how well Misha can sing. 6/10
11. Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky- this song is also just another okay song to me, but i love the singing from Craig owens so that makes it stand out more. 7.5/10
12. Prom Queen Has No Friends- Really great song, i love it. Good way to end this great cd. 8/10

DJ-DonkeyPunch ,


Absolutely Amazing Album.

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