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4.4 out of 5
115 Ratings

115 Ratings

iltridente ,

I don't know who wrote that offical album review . . .

. . .but they are a total git. I'm not some feckless "industry insider" talking out of my posterior orifice in an effort at self-congratulation, but that "album review" was total crap. While the songs may share some similarity, overall, BTE have never failed to write songs which didn't manage to connect with the listener on a deeply personal level and keep you wanting more. This is a total package approach - honest, forthright lyrics and catchy tunes that hit you on an almost subconscious level. I can almost guarantee that you'll be singing these songs in your head after only a few spins. And every BTE album followed a building block approach in that they always seem to get a little better with every new release. In fact, I think these guys are probably the best songwriters at work today. This is, alternately from the "offical" review, a very good primer for an excellent band which I hope continues to produce music for many years to come. There isn't this much musical integrity in all of contemporary radio combined - period.

There isn't a song on here that you won't absolutely love. If you don't already own the albums that comprise this compilation, you will soon after you get this one.

bleeby ,

the official review is a load of crap.

i have quite a few disagreements with the author of the official review- the songs on this album are heartfelt and quietly incredible. they all have similar characteristics, but not all better than ezra songs sound the same. each has its own 'personality' and this album is amazing. the end.

Dominus ,

Get Introduced

Better Than Ezra seems to be one of those bands that many people enjoy, but never know who they are actually listening to. So, in that light, this greatest hits album is perfect for the band. You'll get it, you'll start listening and you will realize, "Hey I know most of these songs". Finally you'll find yourself enjoying all the songs on this album. You might never have heard of the band before now, but you do like them, I promise. Try their greatest hits if you want to be introduced to Better Than Ezra. After that, get the rest.

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