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1.5 out of 5
392 Ratings

392 Ratings

DaveLin ,

You're the Best

I'm with the others that only wants the song, "You're the Best", by Joe Esposito. I refuse to buy this entire album simply to get that song. I thought the days of buying a CD for simply a song or two were over. I thought iTunes was the answer to that problem. I was wrong. There are copies of the Karate Kid soundtrack floating around the internet. Amazon has some to purchase. I am very disappointed in iTunes and do not understand why they continue to force us to buy entire albums when all we want is one song.

CoachBG82 ,

You're the best

Love the song...... not downloading the entire album

iTunes needs some good classic rock ,

Not Cool

I have been dying to get the song, "Your the Best" on my iPod so i could listen to it while i play ping pong. Do you realy think i want to spend ten dollars on an entire abulm of crappy songs by so called musicians just to hear one song i should be paying a dollar for. How on Earth do you justify that? Seriously iTunes you need to knock it off with this "album only" monkey business. if i wanted to do that i wouldn't have even gotten iTunes. The King of Kong, what the hell does that mean, more like the king of wrong and a fistful of bad tracks. I only gave it one star b/c i can't do 0. Piece. Grow up!

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