13 Songs, 39 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
170 Ratings

170 Ratings

ryguy1981 ,

this album grew on me

ok i wasnt i huge static-x fan but hearing the only made me listen to this band closely and after seeing them live i was shocked....this band is the reason why metal is so huge to people, the energy and the meaning to what wayne static sings about is there and you dont have to question him or it at all. i really recomend this album and this band to people. this band has made some rough nights pass with sweets metal remission.

MarvOnRecord ,

After a few listens, former fans will realize this is another great album

At first listen, you'll notice this album sounds a bit different than past albums put out by Static-X. It's very ballad heavy and Wayne Static is practically singing a melody for once. Still, the songs are as solid as ever. Old fans will be hooked after a couple of listens, and new fans will arise to the new sound. I like this album more each time I hear it, and that's the goal when you're major-label-produced.

metalraverchild ,

My fav X cd

Static-x is an all around great band, regardless of the fact that they may not be as talented as others. This was my first cd by static-x and also one of the first that got me into metal. Their sound is not as unique here as it was on the last two albums but it still kicks ass (needless to say i lapsed into a static-x obsession for about 2 months), and is the highlight of their "evil disco" type sound as they like to call it. Its been done before...but the music is still fun to listen to and gets you pumped...pretty much the point of listening to any kind of rock music.

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