ITZY’s first comeback since 2022’s CHESHIRE EP, KILL MY DOUBT delves into the struggles and aspirations for self-discovery of JYP’s fourth-generation girl group. Known for their onstage charisma, the five-member band is still searching for their niche in the K-pop and international music markets since their debut in 2019 and the breakthrough success of 2020’s “WANNABE.” KILL MY DOUBT, a mini-album featuring six songs, is a good start. “No matter how loud I shout, there’s nothing in me,” members Ryujin and Yuna sing in the opening lines of low-key single “BET ON ME.” The song—co-written by Korean music mogul J.Y. Park—is a request for a little more time as Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna work to figure it all out for themselves, repeating in the song’s percussive chorus: “I say, ‘Trust me.’ I talk to myself. Do I believe me? I can’t figure it out yet. But I hear this voice inside of me. I’m going to follow it.” The track is meant as a comfort for ITZY fandom MIDZY as much as it is for the members themselves. Also featuring the trap-pop trappings of anti-love song “None of My Business” and the decadent, sugary fun of lead single “CAKE,” the KILL MY DOUBT EP is a short, energetic statement on ITZY’s continuing search for identity within the K-pop scene.

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