Editors’ Notes The Chicago sibling duo Wild Belle crafts alluring, female-fronted indie pop with a heavily reverberated dub reggae filter. Natalie Bergman coos in cool and unaffected inflections, sounding at times like a young Deborah Harry (by way of Karen Dalton). Taking on the role of the wizard behind the curtain, Natalie’s brother Elliot explores the space between modern and organic sounds and textures, creating something equally anchored in both realms. “Keep You” opens Wild Belle’s eponymous 2012 EP with a head-nodding buoyancy as distorted horns and surf-toned guitars go head-to-head with subtle electro flourishes and looped ambience. The following number, “It’s Too Late,” plays with quirky indie-reggae accouterments reminiscent of Future Pigeon’s 2001 debut album, Golden State of Dub. But in addition to the various ska-tinged bits like Farfisa organ and saxophone, Elliot adds new wave gloss that recalls moments of the 2-Tone label’s heyday. Having paid dues in the Ann Arbor, Mich., band Nomo, Elliot now imports his love for Afrobeat and Caribbean instrumentation into the bookending tune “Backslider.”


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