14 Songs, 48 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
174 Ratings

174 Ratings

BrooksLindberg ,

This CD Keeps It Together

Guster has created an outstanding CD that just about any music lover will injoy. The CD has great music and lyrics and is easily one of there better CD's. The songs are up to beat and move and flow in a style that is truely there own. A great band and great work of art is what this CD brings to your ears. WARNING: THIS CD MAY MAKE YOU HAPPY, BURSTING INTO SONG, DANCE AND INJOY LIFE. ALSO IT MAY VERY WELL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. USE AS OFTEN AS YOU WOULD LIKE.

Accordino ,

Does it get any better?

Unfortunately, this album doesn't have the praise it deserves, nor does the band. Guster is a magnificent band, displaying creative, original, and beautiful songwriting and playing. They prove it in this album, where the variety stretches from the catchy "Red Oyster Cult", to a calm, lyrically thought provoking song such as "Diane", one of the best I've ever heard. I highly reccomend this album to anyone with an appreciation of music.

UltimateProdigy ,

A Beauty You Just Can't Ignore

When my mother gave me this album, it sat on the shelf for a few months after I first popped it in; it was horrible. And one day I decided, while cleaning my room, I would give the whole album a chance. The first go around led to a second, and a third, and so on. Before long I was introducing it, quite hesitantly I must admit, to my friends, expecting the same initial reaction, and eventual realization. By the middle of the album, which was playing in the background, their attention was drawn to the likes of Ramona, Jesus On The Radio, etc. In a matter of no time all of us were stoned out of our gourds, playing our invisible drums on our individual couches, rocking to Come Down Stairs and Say Hello. From that point on the album was spread and every time I hear it's sound I am reminded of not only amazing music, but the fantastic people I shared it with. I wish everyone could experience such a thing.

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