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Оценок: 94

Baily6213 ,

I don't get it

I love the music on this soundtrack, But the movie was horrible. If you have read the books you'll probably agree that they leave way to much out. When Brom dies they have so little before. And Murtagh has so much more personality in the book.If you haven't read the book I strongly suggest you do.

riivaini ,

5 Stars For...

The soundtrack and book. The movie? HORIBLE!!! Me and my friends were the ones in the theater who talked the whole way through... Though NOT about how great it was... About how horrible and INACURATE it was. Murtagh has NO DEPTH to him in the movie whereas he is a VERY DEEP character in the books. Arya was never awake when Eragon rescued her. Oh, oh! And what the hell?! Eragon doesn't sneak into Gil'ead... He's captured! And Murtagh rescues him and they take Arya with them (who is a self-educed coma). AND WHERE THE HELL IS KATRINA?!

I could go on for HOURS about how horrible the movie was (especially how Brom dies... The battle and every other aspect of the movie) but to save you from my further ranting I will stop it here.

Dowitss ,

the music is good

I really liked the music in this album, even though I hated the movie. i read the book, and the movie was hardly related to it at all. but the music is good

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