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3.8 out of 5
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6 Ratings

myatroopa ,

Mike Smith is awesome!

All I can say is that Mike Smith sings so well on these songs. He is quite amazing in his versatility. The album is worth purchasing just to learn from the greatness that is Mike Smith!

Simple Beat ,

A treasure for DC5 fans-collectors

DC5 fans will know better than to take the Album Reviewers comments too seriously. The U.S. market has NEVER seen nearly half the cuts on this release. In fact, my LP copy with this cover and a different title do not represent any of the content here. I believe Dave is doing us a huge favor and digging out all the group's material.

No one is trying to kid anyone here. This is the Dave Clark Five trying to keep some of their mid-60s zeal and style as the times-were-a-changin'. More horns, voices and deeper stereo production make this an interesting collection at very least. I'll buy it just to hear one of the best blue-eyed soul voices ever, singing anything.

'I Am On MY Own' is of course, Lenny on vocals and is strangely out of the time period...but I am not complaining.

If this is new music to young fans discovering the 60s, I am betting a few cuts will jump out at you and become replays for you.

Dave, please keep them coming. Your fans are loving it.

Chuck from N.J. ,

Yes, this fan is lovin

I never had the chance to buy this record when it came out; never knew it even existed. In the U.S., by the time 1968 rolled around, I was fortunate just to get a copy of the "Everybody Knows" album. That was the last I'd heard of the DC5 and assumed that was it. These releases enable me to add to my already large DC5 collection.

If you have the "History of" 2 CD set, then you already know "Here Comes Summer", Live In the Sky" and "Everybody Get Together". "Five By Five" is a great instrumental; the only one I know of in the latter time period. The "second side" of this is mainly slow, with tracks #10 & 11 repeats from prior albums. But my favorite on here is "It Ain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)". Great song.

I hope DC himself reads the reviews his fans have written, knowing there are fans both young and old who are interested in this great music. Some are in it for the greatest hits, and others (like me) for the whole kit & kaboodle. I hope Dave puts together a CD of rare tracks, just as he did for the ballads. We still need "Rub It In" on CD, and most of all, I'm hoping for Denny's "Man in the Pin Stripe Suit" to appear. That song has eluded me for years; it's unavailable still and it would be a tribute to Denny, who sings on the song (with Mike on the bridge).

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