Editors’ Notes With their second release of 2019, Ukrainian metal stars Jinjer have delivered a full-length follow-up to January 2019’s Micro EP. A groove-laden fusion of techy nu-metal and staccato djent, Macro is connected to its predecessor both thematically and lyrically, with vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk repurposing key lines to tie the two works together. “If people listen to it, I would like to make them think and dive deeper,” she tells Apple Music. “Sometimes people like music because it has good rhythm. But no—listen to every note, because I work hard to pick every word. English is not my mother tongue, so I put a lot of effort into this. I’m trying to cause some emotions.” Here Shmayluk talks through each of Macro’s nine tracks.

On the Top
“This song is about the career ladder that you climb to achieve success—and how you sacrifice everything in your life just to hit the top but there is nobody to support you. But it's the worst-case scenario, you know? I still hope that people actually put their lives into achieving some goals, and they really have someone who will support and share their success—and celebrate it with them.”

Pit of Consciousness
“There was a time when I was so interested in watching videos on YouTube about schizophrenia and mental illness. And I watched a lot of interviews—sometimes I feel that I can wear those shoes, too. Not seriously, you know, but sometimes I feel like I'm a different person depending on what situation I am going through.”

Judgement (& Punishment)
“This song is kind of about itself, because it has reggae in it and sometimes metalheads just stick to old-school stuff and they cannot stand anything that crosses this line. So in the song I urge people to open their minds to anything new and extraordinary, or something that you see for the first time or hear for the first time. Try not to judge, but try to understand. There is a lot of hatred in this world just because people don't understand each other.”

“The song ‘Dreadful Moments’ from Micro is about how parents treat their children, but a horrible, horrible way of upbringing—it’s about how parents are violent to their children. But ‘Retrospection’ is quite the opposite side of this topic—this song is about my parents and how awesome and fantastic they are. So I took the line ‘A childhood of misery is lifelong’ from ‘Dreadful Moments’ and used it in ‘Retrospection.’”

Pausing Death
“This was inspired by a book called Death With Interruptions by José Saramago. I took only one part of the story, and I didn’t include the ending of the book. I took the very, very dark side of the book and put it into a song—but it’s also about love. It’s a very strange, amazing book. Try and read this book and you will understand what I’m talking about. I don’t want to spoil.”

“I think this is my favorite song on Macro because I went brave and tried to rewrite the Bible. It was inspired by a painting I made many years ago when I was reading a Bible for children. Every house post-Soviet Union, every family probably has this book. There are a lot of illustrations from ass-kicking artists, and I wanted to copy one of those illustrations. It’s Noah’s ark floating upon the ocean. So I was inspired by this legend and I wanted to change the story. It’s as if the whole world just started to exist but in a few weeks, it collapsed. Noah’s ark was upside down and every living creature died, and so this is the end of the world.”

Home Back
“In spring [2019], I went to my hometown, which is in a war zone. I wanted to see my parents. At least once a year, I try to visit them there. And again, I faced the whole scene of war. I cannot let it go, and it makes me very sad and so angry and anxious. So this is the song where I ask whoever made this horror on the earth, I ask them to give my home back.”

The Prophecy
“This is like an extended version of ‘Ape’ from Micro. It's the same problem of mankind being a shithead, but from a different angle. It’s like nature speaks to mankind and says, 'Okay, dude, I warn you—if you don't stop fucking around, I'm going to shake you off sooner or later.' Because Mother Nature is not some kind of lady, some merciful woman. She is strong. She wants revenge and balance.”

“This is a remix of ‘Perennial’ from Micro. Try to read it backwards and you will understand. It’s one of those anchors that make the EP and LP connected. ‘Perennial’ is about how I hate fall. It’s when I’m depressed the most and just waiting for winter, and then I’m really waiting for spring to come as soon as possible. But it’s a strange, strange melody. I love this track so much it gives me goosebumps.”


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