15 Songs, 33 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

t@yl*R ,


I've noticed a lot of people complaining about some missing songs by Deavid Soul, so I think it's worth pointing out that he has an entire album on iTunes with of his JSR songs on it. It's like 15 songs I believe, plus the entire album costs only $5.00! So check it out!

Asarien ,


Finally on iTunes!

Missing the majority of music, and the graffiti tag sound effects were strange to add. Naganuma-san's contributions are clearly the highlight here, for good reason. A shame about rest...

Fuji Yokomoto ,

Wow not bad

Never played the game but what I can tell it has cool music in it. I did get a chance to see the game play though looks cool but tough. Keep it up I tunes and SEGA. So what's next Putting the super monkey ball,House of the Dead
Space Channel 5,Shinobi ,After Burner, space Harrier, Out Run , Golden Ax, Alex Kidd,Vitura Squad, Chu Chu Rocket, puyo pop, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Crazy Taxi, Bonanza Bros,Fantasy Zone's,Burning Rangers music on here I'm just saying why not put those songs on here. ^_^

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