8 Songs, 1 Hour 11 Minutes


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4.1 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

DMac1712 ,

Not awesome but not bad

This isn't a bad album. They can never get the sound they had when they had Duane, but the In memory of Elizabeth Reed on this album sounds really good acoustic (I wish i could get it without buying the whole album...)



This album is like any other album that the Allman brothers put out and that is that it is great.
You can never go wrong with these guys if you like there music.

Scott N Amber ,


I wonder if whats left of record companies, and iTunes understand that they are actually missing out on revenue by doing the "ALBUM ONLY" purchase for songs over 10 minutes. Charge ten cents more or something. All I want is two songs off this album, and theyre both over 10 minutes. I can't think of how many times I've run into that frustration. But many bands from the 70s had a significant amount of material, especially live stuff, that ran over 10 minutes. Doesn't make sense to demand a full album purchase based on that. Money is staring you guys in the face and you won't take it. Typical music industry logic though, you all went to lunch in the 70s and never came back. Not slamming the ABB... love them... just using this platform to air my greivence.

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