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88 Ratings

luvmycarly ,


I couldn't believe it. Never expected it to be so good! Constantine Maroulis is amazing.

Ventriloqist ,

Jekyll & Hyde Revival

I am a Jekkie, in love with anything and everything to do with this show, and when this concept recording came out I HAD to have it, and it just BLEW me away. While Constantine was a rocker and unlike they did in the Resurrection album they knew when and where it was appropriate for him to completely lose it and unleash the rocker inside of him, and when they did, ohhhh my god it was the full monty. The orchestra's and rhythms are TOTALLY revamped, with little winks and nudges to past recordings but completely of it's own all together. This entire album just feels SO alive and my body couldn't handle the intensity and passion everyone had. Now I just want to talk about a few songs.

The 'I Need to Know' was one of the best tracks on the album, if not one of the best versions of the song ever recorded. It's hard to top Warlow and the traditional full powerful orchestra but it wasn't just a cliche rock version like Resurrection, again a totally new and different feel. I just can't remember the last time the last note of a song and all the music that goes on behind it made me feel so whole.

J&H albums always find a way to make their anthem stick out, I always find myself having the track on a loop for days and days because it's so easy to listen to over and over again on pretty much all J&H albums, and they did just that here. The choices he made in where to take it and just the key of the song made everything seem to come together and right now this really does seem like this is the definitive version, which is saying something giving all the hundreds of thousands of talented people that've sang this song.

'Your Work and Nothing More' surprised me, not only are the orchestrations almost completely different but the tempos and rhythms of how the actors sing it have changed as well, and I love it. Whether it's in the actors or players tempo you can REALLY feel the pulse and drive of this song like you never could before.

The only fault I had with this album as people do with most is the Dangerous Game, which isn't that much of a surprise or deal to me. With almost every newer production of the number they've tried to make it sound like some weird porno or pop type music, and really nothing captures the essence of the song like the OBC version with the beautiful tango like string sequences and classic Bob & Linda. But yeah the main gripe with that song is the ending where a funky organ riffs and it just takes away what people should be feeling at the end of that number. But really my only complaint.

'The Confrontation' is astounding. I'd heard in advance to listening to the track that they were cutting the hair flipping thing and going with some newer version of the projector or something in that sense. Personally I'm always intrigued-if done right- by the disturbing and violent switches back and fourth within the same body, always chills me, but I'm up for new interpretations of anything when it comes to this song. The beginning that replaces the 'Lost in the Darkness' reprise is brilliant, you can hear the orchestra just building and building and you can hear Constantines stress and insanity building with it, until it finally releases and if you've invested yourself into the performance, you get taken away into the world of Edward Hyde. You can just hear him whispering into your ears as the bells play and your head spins, and when the verses start the intensity and stakes seem much higher as the drums thump every beat of it. Like the rest of the album it's completely revamped and totally awesome.

There're so many other songs I'd LOVE to write pages and pages about that I loved but I'd be here for hours. But I just wanted to say that yes, this album is awesome, probably the best CONCEPT album I've EVER heard, and if this all is just the concept I absolutely cannot wait for the new OBC to come out, as well as to see the Pre-Broadway version in Chicago next March :)

Oliv L ,

Wow... Just... Wow...

How did we get here, people? I mean, really. Things were so good when we had people like Colm Wilkinson, Linda Eder, Anthony Warlow, and Christiane Noll doing this show. Remember when there were rich orchestrations with beautiful singing? Remember when this show was actually Broadway-worthy?

I was so excited to listen to this album. I really was. And even though I'm not a big fan of taking "Jekyll and Hyde" and inserting a bunch of electric guitars into it, I was willing to give it a chance. But after listening to it and attempting to give it a chance, I can be completely honest about my feelings.

This is the worst recording of "Jekyll and Hyde." Bar none.

Constantine Maroulis's Jekyll is whiney and undynamic, while his Hyde is inconsistent, and is mostly characterized by Maroulis whispering creepily, or letting phrases deteriorate into guttural growls, or by his voice suddenly taking on the tone of an 80's hairband singer. Mostly, though, Jekyll and Hyde sound basically the same.

I can tell Deborah Cox is trying so hard here, but her parts are far too "adult pop" for my tastes. I especially hate this album's rendition of "Bring on the Men," one of my favorites from the studio album. Cox's voice sounds so restrained in this song, and the pacing of the song is just completely wrong. I don't really think Cox can be blamed for this, though. She sounds like she could do so much better, but the arrangement of the song is holding her back.

Teal Wicks is probably the best performer on this album. She is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the others on the album. She's really the only person in this cast that sounds like Broadway material to me.

Overall, I just plain hate this album. I hated it so much, I wanted to cry. To me, it just seems like "Jekyll and Hyde" just keeps getting worse and worse each time it's redone. So, let's just stop redoing it. Please. It's gotten bad enough already.

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