I've IVE

I've IVE

With a string of energising hits and impeccable dance routines, IVE took the fast track to fame—and they’ve never looked back. A little over a year after their first tracks dropped, their debut LP I've IVE shows fans what the K-pop sensations are really all about. Discover “Five Facts You Didn’t Know About IVE” in an exclusive video they created for Apple Music to celebrate the release—then hit play on the sextet’s high-powered debut studio album. Five Facts You Didn’t Know About IVE 1. What would your superpower be if you had one? JANGWONYOUNG: I want to teleport! LIZ: I want to see the future! REI: I wish I could get fully energised if I sleep for a second. ANYUJIN: Time travelling! LEESEO: I never really thought about this, but teleporting sounds like a good idea! GAEUL: The power to be invisible! 2. What song on I’ve IVE’s tracklist is your (secret) favourite? JANGWONYOUNG: I would have to go with “Shine With Me”. LEESEO: “Cherish” is really good too! LIZ: “Lips” is great! 💋 REI: All of our songs are great. ANYUJIN: All songs from IVE. LIZ: Please check out all of our tracks! ☺️ JANGWONYOUNG: All eleven tracks! 3. What is your favourite scent or fragrance? JANGWONYOUNG: I like sweet perfumes! GAEUL: I like something fruity and floral. ANYUJIN: Something woodsy, for me. LEESEO: I like citrus and bright scents! 🍋 REI: For me, it really depends. I go for something different everyday. For today, I felt like wearing something sweet like cotton candy. LIZ: I have a perfume that I wear daily but I don’t know what it is...! Someone said it smelled like sweet potato. I guess it has a bit of a heavy and nutty note. 4. What is the emoji you use most often? JANGWONYOUNG: ☺️ Smiley ones, like this! GAEUL: 😝 This one with the tongue sticking out. Or, 😎 this one with the sunglasses! ANYUJIN: 🫶 LIZ: 🥹 REI: 🦭 LEESEO: 🫠 5. Kimchi mandu vs meat-filled mandu (Korean dumplings)? Everyone: One, two, three! ANYUJIN/REI/GAEUL: Kimchi mandu! JANGWONYOUNG/LEESEO/LIZ: Meat-filled mandu!


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