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3.5 out of 5
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212 Ratings

SilverHawk422 ,

A Good Singer Who Writes Great Music

John Vesely (Secondhand Serenade) is a good singer (yes, there is still room for improvement) who writes great songs (both musically and lyrically). Do keep in mind that this live performance was recorded with a guitar (or piano, in the case for "Fall for You") and John's voice only, therefore it is not fair to compare this live performance with the studio version or full-band version. It is true that this performance is not perfect - some notes were a little bit forced and offed. But the emotion John put forth into his music is undeniable, and his music creates a special bond with the audience.

I am baffled by all these ridiculous 1-star reviews that clearly show that these reviewers are only attacking John's genre of music (such as "this is too emo"), or John personally ("his jock-look doesn't fit his music", "the album art looks like clay aiken", etc.). I don't think John's voice is at his best when he did this live recording because he has been going on tour since the last year without rest, and he has no musical or vocal backup, therefore the songs are not done in its full potential. Therefore I don't think it's fair to John when people are bashing on his musical and vocal skills based on this live performance.

Also, I hope reviewers can respect music. If you don't like a specific genre of music or what the artist represents, don't even waste your time writing cheap reviews to attack the artist or his music, because your reviews do affect the artist and prevent people from discovering music they could potentially like. I don't like heavy-metal music, but you won't find me writing non-constructive reviews (such as "the music is too loud!", "they have weird makeup!", or "the lyrics are too angry!", etc.) on heavy-metal bands because it is disrespectful and I don't have sufficient knowledge to write such cruel opinions. Support the music you like and give constructive reviews to artists instead of writing bashes!

I will continue to support John (Secondhand Serenade) and will definitely go to his next tour! Keep up the great work!

JGriss ,


I really like Seconhand Serenade's last CD and went to see them live a few weeks ago at a local arena. Actually I saw him twice that day. He played at a local mall for about 20 minutes in front of about 30 high school girls and 2 or 3 guys such as myself! haha. Anyway, he has a very powerful voice. He can sing live, but I think he's inconsistent. He sang Your Call in the mall (rhyming!) unplugged and you could tell the guy has a gift. At the concert later that night he was a bit flat a the beginning like in these recordings. I think he is talented, but just one of those guys that doesn't have a lot of control over his voice on some nights.

Richard H ,

John Vesely never sounded better...amazing

I own all of the Secondhand Serenade CD's. If you do too, don't miss out on this, it's amazing. John's voice is mesmerizing and it seems like he's right next to you singing. I don't have to say anything else. Buy this.

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