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3.7 out of 5
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50 Ratings

tnia campbell ,

Tina Campbell live in leg

That song way off on repeat and is not gospel song just rap music no mam this music video we liven shut down do not like it thumbs down of this one but Tina Campbell change beats that song we livening is not good song Tina Campbell is hip hop artist she is going through push way hard she trying do not rhigt think beusce i is not point okay Tina Campbell she lied you fans Tina Campbell lied to you we livening is
Tina trying fans Tina put you down
Do what hip hop artists and my Tina fans Tina Campbell lied you okay thumbs down on YouTube do what not talking about my friends okay mam hip hop beats for Tina Campbell do why Tina campbell do not vote for trump she did not do that that so stupid he was gone away to fair hairy chitin use to be running for president Tina Campbell do going to cry call your mom
Eat food in trash can Tina Campbell do not watching your video ever again I am not lestin your music anymore that beusce delete show on purpose I am not happy belong in your life I am done crazy things about you it is not okay with me you make me heart broken that lot you have done in my life we thorough care stupid song you something wrong because you are gospel singer maybe your not do what you want win the dove awards you already deserve it maybe I am not famous breaking up with you companion uh think you can dance because I am going we liven dance
Why really good prayer and you not singing the prayer aorn workship I do not like it at all do what composition is on doing this album is called destiny personal if hired mangerpuriure I come
For you let see better that my fans watch my music videos on YouTube and peace of your mind working on my album personal can not show you pictures more views than I get up group you and Erica Campbell can dale and if talking about what fine with me and fans Destiny is famous gospel singer whatever you want what you say who is with me destiny Destiny Destiny I would be on news in California and my video was going we liven and fans watching this Tina Campbell crying about your birthday party loser ha ha ha ha ha ha Tina Campbell 👎👎boooo do about it Tina your fans say boo to you heard that Tina pie face now ha ha ha everybody lugging wow Tina I can not heard you Tina fans yelling booo at you
I in face Tina everybody saying Tina is jerk

Leele0826 ,

Old songs

This album is filled with almost all old songs. Her music is beautiful, but I bought the first It's Personal, don't want to buy it a second time. Don't mislead your consumers...

@forevershante ,


I don’t support no low down dirty Trump supporter 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 you people worship the devil 👹