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8 Ratings

Jinx Kennedy ,

It's fine

Issues is another good single filled with good remixes. We're just going to ignore the Radio Mix since it's pretty much the radio edit and not a mix that's completely unique to radio. I'm at a complete loss in trying how to describe these tracks and what makes them work, so I guess I'll just start with the ones I really like first and just be like Pat the NES Punk and just say "It's fine" in regards to what I like.

The Scandy Remix is pretty good track by some band named Scandy... I don't know anything about them beyond this track but I like what I hear. It has this dirty vibe going on and it's fine. The Million $ Mano Remix is a guitar oriented remix and it's fine. Lastly the Dinesh Boaz Remix has an electro vibe going on and is fine.

Moving on... there's the Rhys Fulber Remix which is good but it sounds...I don't know how to describe it honestly. It has this... I guess I would describe it as a very distant piano sound, like it was recorded from across the room. After the piano intro, it jumps into electronic drum and bass with some strings. It's very unique and not something I'd expect from Rhys Fulber. This is comparing to previous remixes he did for MSI. It's fine but different. And then there's Tub Ring's Disco Edison Remix. If you like Tub Ring, you most likely will like this track, I did not. The Word "Disco" in the title is appropriate coz it sounds like a disco track but nowhere near as good or as fun... which is a same because there was a New Wave version of Bring the Pain that perfectly captured that 80's vibe.... this one didn't.

Lastly there is the demo version of My World which first appeared the now out of print Hot Topic exclusive EP "Another Mindless Rip Off". It does what a few MSI demo's do... sound nothing like what you eventually get later. Jimmy delivers the "Everybody wants a piece of world" parts incredibly fast with different lyrics, it's fine.

Final recommendation... get it, it's fine.

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