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27 Ratings

Wicket02 ,

Welcome To The Island. Make Sure Your Cranium Is Bolted Shut Before You Arrive...

Because chances are, you'll lose your mind. After all, it IS the Island Of Lost Minds. Go on, take one listen to Shock Therapy Slide Show, Mud Of The Gutter (Buckethead tosses some guttural riffage), Ice Pick Through Eyes and Vacuum Tube Implant. For non-Buckethead fans, this will be a very difficult album to get aquanted to. The heaviness of Buckethead's guitar is similar to the heavy metal riffage in Bucketheadland 2, without the creepy drunken park manager guy. Released in 2004, this album, along with Inbred Mountain, bring back the creepiness of our chicken saving, horror movie loving, evil-doer slaying guitar hero.

If you didn't understand the context of the album name, you'll be sorry you even checked out this album. Listening to this album unaware of the sheer insanity it brings is like playing Survivorman without watching the show. While Inbred Mountain mostly depicts horror-movie-style antics and shananagins (along with the shredding), this album is pure technical madness. This is music that makes your brain bleed without that gay screming from emo bands (and without lobotomizing your head with a power drill like in City Of The Living Dead)

If you can't handle the intensity, then "Oh, you poor baby! I'm so sorry! I wish I could help, but I can't!" This is for those who appreciate the technicallity that Buckethead is known for. So if Buckethead were to declare war on you, you might as well surrender, because Buckethead can find a weakness for everyone, and will drill you into the ground while he smashes your face with a meat cleaver while blending your head at the same time. Gory? Maybe. Awesome? You bet your sweet kissed-a*s it is.

Slunklord57 ,

It's Experimental, Get Over It

So yeah, this album might sound like noise to you, but you must not have heard that BUCKETHEAD LIKES TO EXPERIMENT. This album is basically like Bucketheadland 2, except without dialogue covering half the album. Some of the tracks like 'Shock Therapy Side Show', 'Korova Binge Bar', and 'Mud of the Gutter' are good examples of where this album shines. The rest is great too and still as listenable to any Buckethead fan. I wouldn't recommend this as a starter album for Buckethead, because this is not all that he's about, it's just another avenue of sound that he's explored. Believe me, if you're a seasoned music veteran, this album will definitely turn your head. If you don't like it, then I guess that's just your personal taste, but definitely buy a couple of the tracks, see if you like what you hear, and if so, get the rest of the album.

Nectar Head ,

The Festie experience

Sounds like the experience, when i saw his show.

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