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4.3 out of 5
154 Ratings

154 Ratings

pengwinz ,

Shut up Coldplay fans.

They aren't even reviewing the music itself. hopefully this will somewhat counteract all the stupid coldplay related reviews. Nayway, this is a great album. Satriani sounds amazing as usual with his amazing guitar playing in this. I give it 5 stars.

Seldon2639 ,

Let's All Take A Deep Breath

Okay, first, GunsofSteel13: your analogy is inapt, given that it's possible to own a particular progression of particular words (as in a book), or a particular progression of particular colors (as in a painting, and, yes, a particular progression of particular chords. Similarly, the argument that "Coldplay is too good to need to plagarize" holds little water, since even George Harris stole music.

The similarities between certain sections of If I Could Fly and Viva La Vida are striking, and it's entirely possible that there was some infringement of Satriani's intellectual property. That said, it's also possible that they both drew inspiration from similar places, and created similar sounds as a result (given the number of musicians, it's bound to happen on occasion). But, we shouldn't be rating an album based on whether we think there was plagarism. Once the court rules, we'll have a definitive answer, until then, let's just ease back, and look at whether we like the music. It's a good album, whether you think Coldplay stole or not.

Ita3rd ,

Rate Honestly Please

There is absolutely no need to rate this album low or artificially high over the Satch and Coldplay debate. Review the music on the CD itself or don't bother writing a review.

This album gets a 4-star review from me, it's got some really good tunes but there are only a few that I really like (If I Could Fly coincidentally enough being one of them).

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