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Songs of Christ’s power over death—perfect for Easter or any time.


Songs of Christ’s power over death—perfect for Easter or any time.


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luthien1121 ,

Grief, Glory, and the New Jerusalem!

My favorite poet/musician has done it again. Resurrection Letters: Prologue and Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1 by Andrew Peterson are amazing. The man weaves scripture like a preacher and words and images like a poet, making my soul grieve at the crucifixion and soar with the resurrection. It also ends on a note that flows perfectly into the 10 yr old Resurrection Letters, Vol. 2, finally completing the cycle. I should write more, but it's very late and we have an Easter egg hunt tomorrow with the little one. I go to bed contemplating grief and glory and the New Jerusalem. Thank you, Andrew Peterson!

blainecairo ,

A Long-Awaited Resurrection Masterpiece

This album, just wow. The biblical-saturated lyrical poetry of our grand story in Christ’s resurrection. To listen to this following the Prologue album straight into Letters 2, has unlocked corridors long-ago locked in my heart. The ability to write songs like this that create excitement, anticipation, and awe from 6yrs old to 60 speaks of the timelessness of the work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

nmatnlc ,

A Lion Ready to Roar

Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive get this right on so many levels. It’s an album that covers the Resurrection of Jesus with every song. It is the most celebratory of any AP album. You can hear the songwriting influences of Paul Simon and Rich Mullins better than ever. No AP album has more Scripture embedded in the lyrics - the last song is nearly all Scripture by itself. All of these are crafted with excellence to do one thing: lead us to Jesus, the Lamb slain for us, the Lion ready to roar, the firstborn from the dead, the One who holds all things together and makes all things new.

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