25 Songs, 3 Hours 19 Minutes


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3.8 out of 5
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16 Ratings

UNC Dan ,

Strange, but good. CROSS & BENJAMIN ARE GREAT!!!!

If you’re just getting into stand up, I wouldn’t buy this cd. If you’re someone who really appreciates good stand up, then buy this cd. At first it’s a hard listen, but it grows on you. Aziz Ansari is great, Showalter and Orth have a strangely hilarious act, Todd Barry does a good bit, Demetri Martin and Mike Birbiglia are very funny people, but the reason to buy this cd is for the David Cross and Jon Benjamin track. One of the funniest things I've heard, ever! Besides the stand up, there are good musical performances, but its all about the comedy. A MUST GET IF YOU "GET IT"!

Mdlstudio2002 ,

Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin is the best get him and leave everyone else alone.

Candace_S ,

Previous commentors lack intelligence

First, context people, I mean really! This was a comedy show for comedians and serious fans. Bobby is a great host! His energy and sillyness is suposed to be a contrast to the comics he's introducing. Also, the reason you hear the same bits out of Demetri as on his later stuff is...he's the least original of the bunch. If you just like good comedy and ideas that have been re-worked and told to you by an attractive face, by all means, buy everything he has, add a splash of Dane Cook, and you'll be all set! For everyone else who reconizes unique styles for what they are, this album is loaded! Not to be melodramatic, but this album changed me, made me the happy comedy nerd I am today. It was a refreshing slap to the face that showed me the current state of comedy is not as sad as Comedy Central makes it seem. Course it's now old and most of them (that weren't already recognized) have been given their due credit. Those you don't know, you should! This album is timeless and never dissapoints.

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