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4.9 out of 5
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41 Ratings



I'm amazed Alex can make such great music and so fast. Listened to this album already and love it!

Outfox333 ,


While Invasion is nowhere near the epic concept album that Zion was, it still is a staggeringly impressive album. As per usual with Savant, there are absolutely no filler tracks; every song has a purpose and meaning. Whether Savant is trying to make you feel something with tracks like Return, make you dance with tracks like Colorblind, or make your brain dance with tracks like Problemathematicalculatorture, every track hits its mark. There truly is something on here for everyone.
My only gripe with this album is that a few tracks (specifically Return and 1997) differ greatly from their Soundcloud counterparts; I wouldn't have a problem with this if Return, my former favorite track on the album, hadn't been changed so greatly that it no longer feels like the emotional serenade it once was. It's still good, but I wish it hadn't been changed so much.
Favorite tracks: Upgrade, Colorblind, Massacre, Dreamscape
(Oh, and by the way: don't buy this album on iTunes. If you go to his Bandcamp page it's available on a pay-what-you-want basis, and if you decide to pay money for it, more of the money will go to him instead of iTunes taking a chunk of the profit. Support this talented artist!)

ThAt OnE gUY820 ,

Orphan tho

I've never had so much happiness in my ears. 10/10 would recommend.

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