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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.1 out of 5
121 Ratings

121 Ratings

lennox1815 ,

This is for all the people saying Bloc Party have "changed" or are "different"

"In an interview with MTV Canada, Okereke has also said that due to their "four album deal" with their record company, they made it so that each member of the band gets to put their own influences into the album (besides Okereke's lyrical content). This album features more of Matt Tong's influences."

- Wikipedia

October81 ,

Ok, so.

I've been a huge bloc part fan ever since the first chords of Banquet, but this album has some real issues. Bloc Party has lost the music, yes, they make noise with guitars, but the same emotion isn;t there. I'm not saying all the songs are bad, just not well done. Ares, for instance, it just noise, there is no hook, no rhythm, no flow, it's just noise. Other than that the songs all work, but the loud songs are to loud, not leaving enough room for the soul that could usually be found on their albums.
The Soft songs though, Ion Square, Bko, Signs are all incredible, and this album has many of them. I do have to say I feel the mixing of the album was poor, to jump between loud songs and soft ones, the flow of the album seemed random.
Talons is a great new single with great power, a better single than anything off of A Weekend in the City. I was hoping they would have made this album more in the style of Flux, their best song to date, unfortunatly I was wrong. I give this 4 stars as I feel that the music is great (except Ares of course) if I were you I'd play around with the order of the songs, I found that Flux, Halo, Signs, Talons, Mercury, Biko, Better Than Heaven, Trojan Horse, One Month Off, Zephyrus, Letter To My Son, Your Visits Are Getting Shorter and Ion Square in that order has a much better feel and flow, try it out.

weegee64 ,

Intimacy TBTR (Track-by-Track Review)

Ares: 8.5/10 - A nice way to open the album, fast with great drums and guitar.
Mercury: 8.5/10 - Their first single off of Intimacy, is beat-heavy and exciting. ***
Halo: 9/10 - Kicka$$ guitar parts here, very reminiscent of Silent Alarm's 'Luno'. ***
Biko: 5/10 - Too slow for my tastes, but some might enjoy it. Also, it drags on a bit.
Trojan Horse: 8/10 - Quite good song, but is hard to understand what Kele is saying. Well rounded song.
Signs: 9/10 - Haunting is probably the best way to describe it, and that xylophone-sounding thing? Astonishing. ***
One Month Off: 9/10 - The only downside to this rocker is that the chorus is a bit repetetive. Otherwise, awesome song. ***
Zephyrus: 9.5/10 - Easily one of the best songs on the album, the beats, lyrics, and haunting nature are sweet. ***
Talons: 7.5/10 - The 2nd single, isn't a very strong one. Just too average.
Better Than Heaven: 8.5/10 - Very catchy, and the vocals and backbeat are great. A bit depressing sounding though... ***
Ion Square: 10/10 - All I can say is wow. Talk about one hell of an album closer. Clocking in at 6:32, this is pretty much a combo of the catchy chords of 'Banquet' and the epic-ness of 'So Here We Are'. ***

Overall Rating = 4 stars

Songs I would reccomend are marked with a ***.

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