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20 Ratings

ekiM tsedoM ,

Workin' on livin'

Isaac's lyrics are so amazing in every album, but this album has some of the most meaningful lyrics for me out of all of their albums. The first time I heard this album in its entirety was when I just jumped in the car one summer and was driving hours and hours alone on the road to nowhere for four days just to get away from everything for a while. This album just captured everything for me, such as his lyrics from Other Peoples' Lives, "I'm fed up and I need to go out of existence or just down the road forever". That song has now been my favorite Modest song since that trip.

Working on Leaving the Living is some of the most beautifully simple sounding music Isaac has written. That song made my girlfriend cry after her best friend died in a motorcycle accident and it just brings so much emotion to me every time I hear it. It's literally just a G and a C chord played over and over with him singing "in heaven everything is fine, in heaven everything's alright". So simple and so beautiful.

Another perfect song is Whenever I Breathe Out. Easily the best breakup song ever written. It captures every stage and emotion you feel after you lose somebody you care about. One reviewer said that this album captures every stage and emotion in a person's life and he is 100% on that. If you want to truly hear Isaac's genius through the past twenty years, this album along with The Lonesome Crowded West will make you a fan for life...if you love great music that is.

scwabpid ,

No quarter rock and roll

When this album was written, no f@#ks were given.

Fuzzmaster ,

Classic Modest Mouse

Quite different from most of modest mouse's later work, but one of my favorite albums.

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