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147 Ratings

TW Moore ,

Something New. Something Old

I have read a lot of the comments people have been writing and cannot understand the harsh language being used. People are taking this as a personal insult to them. Let's grow up a bit. If you don't like it, fine. Write like an adult, not a child.

I supported this album via the Pledge Music campaign. I was very excited to help this wonderful band with the new album.

I was a bit surprise the first time I played INNOVA. I had not had a chance to download the demo tracks so I was not aware of the new directions Fireflight had taken.

Is it different? Absolutely. This is a different musical style than on their past album. I would say this is a result of Justin Cox leaving the band. When there is a change in a band's lineup, there is also a chance to evaluate whether a new direction might be needed. This is nothing new as other "mainstream" bands have done the same thing.

While the musical style has changed, the Message remains the same. There is hope in Jesus Christ. He is there to help us with our struggles. He loves us and accepts us as we are. He sees what we can become and helps us get there.

TN Husker 1 ,

Rock or not? You Decide.

I took part in the band's PledgeMusic drive to help finance their efforts to make this album, Innova, a reality. The three pre-release songs left me wondering exactly what direction they were heading now that they've gone independent. Now that I've received my Pledger advanced copy and listened through it several times, I have to say the rock edge is gone. While there are a few rock-y tunes, they are not truly guitar driven. What guitars are present are so processed with computerized effects that it may as well be a straight synth. The album as a whole is not bad in its niche, but it's really dance/club music now. If you're looking for heavy, uplifting rock from the band that we know can deliver it, you won't find it here. If you want uplifting dance/club beats, this is it.

They call me Doc ,

Wait before Judging

This album is different. It does have a lot more pop/electric influences to it, but the core message behind the songs is still very present. I honestly was hoping for a little more rock feel to the album, but after listening to the album a couple times (got it via pledge music campaign) I love it! Hopefully this is just an experimental album, and they will return to their roots eventually, but don’t diss the band for trying something new. After all, they did have a member leave prior to making this album, which could have been a contributing factor, but nonetheless, the band is still a group who’s goal is to spread the word about the love of God to the world! Forever a fireflight fan.

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