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4.2 out of 5
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18 Ratings

tvavra69 ,

Definitely not full of bangers! Love it!

This band consistently (and pleasantly!) surprises me with each album they release. Mr. Barnes is like every great and prolific artist. He follows his muse wherever it leads him and sometimes he scores big and other times he might fall a little short. But, some fans won't grow with the artist. They want them to sound like they're supposed to!! Anyway, if you approach this album without the definitely faded outlook of some jaded hipster doofus, you might actually enjoy the music on this album as I did.

Expecting ,

Slightly Derivative

Kevin has given us the unexpected for quite a while now. Even his Georgie Fruit phase had distinctive elements to each album. Hissing was a day-turned-night homemade electronic album, Skeletal was a freakout session that combined Hissing with the zaniness of Coquelicot, and False Priest was his straightforward collection of singles and bangers. Then we get some country rock and some 70’s punk?? Incredible. Barnes keeps the curveballs coming but this album feels a little stale.. Some songs sound like they’re EDM bangers of a new era, but then he places songs that could’ve been Aureate Gloom b-sides in between them. And ever since Lousy, Barnes has been doing this “sing-speak” where he stays on one note way too long, gives up on melody completely, and makes the focus his awkward pacing of his classic yet exhausting lyrics. All the verses of this album seem to suffer from this, then they erupt into super catchy choruses that don’t stay around long enough. It seems like this album makes me wait and be patient for the hooks, instead of writing catchy tunes for both verses and choruses like on False Priest. In my opinion, Paralytic Stalks will be looked back on as the last great offering from Barnes if he continues down this derivative, uninspired, lyric-focused and melody-lacking path. That album had it all: the melodies, the confessional lyrics, the abysmal, destructive production, but the critic’s hatred of it will make sure Barnes never attempts something so bombastic and daring again. Innocence Reaches just lacks that….something.. That angst? That focus? Melodies? The unexpected? I just feel like I’ve been here before with Barnes. However, it’s only been one year since Aureate Gloom, so I can’t be too upset. There are some great songs here. I really like the first track and Chaos Arpeggiating and some others. I like most all of the choruses, it’s the lackluster verses and bridges that hinder. I believe in you Barnes. Don’t forget you’re a mad scientist. Don’t forget to experiment!!

Kidmatter135 ,

Evolve Pokemon!

This band has continued to evolve (like a Pokemon). Hopefully this album will be their blastoise. I believe in them cuz this band is legendary as a mewtwo! Plus the single is poppin!

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