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12 Ratings

ryksejos ,

Great Smooth Music

His music is great and easy to listen to. I am basing this review purely on the music itself, not on the previously mentioned practice of M. Gay where he went after other artists that infringed on his supposed copyrighted sound.
Notwithstanding, a great album!

glitzymama ,

he was amazing

i watched the showtime documentary on motown too and the story of how “what’s going on” came to be made is pretty fantastic. i loved how he would not give up until this song was made exactly how he envisioned it and it is true - and sad too - that the words are just as significant in 2019 as they were back then.

Sorry to say... ,


All through these last 50+ years, Marvin Gaye’s music has stood the test of time! I watched the Showtime Documentary called Hitsville, which is about the Motown Machine. It was a wonderful two hour reminiscence down memory lane about the music of my youth! As a child of the sixties: Great Music was like an abundant weed, always growing. While I have grown to love other music, none of it today rivals all these old classics! However, the Best of Motown (sorry Smoky, Supremes & Jackson’s): to me, Marvin Gaye was in a class all his own! Yes, love Stevie too~~~~but Marvin Gaye is STILL #1.

You’ll have to go get the other album made under CBS to get Sexual Healing, and no Marvin music is complete without that CLASSIC! However, I downloaded this entire album!


(By the way, ignore the sour grapes opinion about the lawsuit his family brought against Pharrell). Pharrell has done great on his own, & MG Family was just protecting Marvin’s legacy! That was an indisputable “influence” which I felt was probably unintentional on Pharrell’s part, & if the shoe was on the other foot, Pharrell’s family would do the same thing! Pharrell does not NEED to copy anyone! But please people, brilliance is brilliance, and Marvin Gaye is and always will be in a class of Masters!! Pharrell too! But don’t convolute business of copyright protection with artistry and/or buying something.

I felt called to give an alternative opinion!

Marvin Gaye would about now play: “What’s Going On”! Brilliance!!!

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