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35 Ratings

Slunklord57 ,

7 Tracks Speak Infinitely

This album has taken my breath away by its sheer and utter mastery. You will not believe what is on this album unless you get it and listen to it. Every track seems to offer something else to the table, it needs no alterations, no editing, it just feels natural, perfect, like something on the horizon that you just can't quite see. Every track is worth a trillion words, NO, it's far, far more than that...

In Search of Inbred Mountain - One hell of an opener, it's metal in what feels like its purest form. A great visual of an explorer finding his way into unknown territory.
Johnny Be Slunk - Yeah, it's the most experimental track on here, but it feels like a great hashing together of seemingly random riffs. Why does this perplexing track do so much, yet sound so different?
Lotus Island - By far one of the best tracks here, anywhere. A great song to go along with an island that sounds like it's shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It sounds like the perfect idea of an unexplored island. And it gets better every time I listen to it.
Flock of Slunks - Funk at its finest. Buckethead shines through in a different kind of way, once again almost making me want to dance at its great use of...well...so much. Guitar, drums, background noises. And then it transfers itself into what feels like the most epic of marches, with a great solo in it to boot.
Advance to the Summit - The next track themed for this album, and Buckethead once again does a great job of making avant-garde and metal collide in the most collossal way.
Plastination Station - ...How do I express this song in words? I can't...you simply have to buy it. It's so beautiful, so harrowing, so scary, it pierces your ears from the very first note that is played until the very last. It's so great, it feels like no mortal should have been able to compose such a piece. The melodies, the heavenly keyboards, the utter brilliance of what it is, just makes me unable to describe just what it sounds like...it is truly a slice of musical heaven. This track proves Buckethead is as great a musical figure as Hendrix or Clapton or Eddie Van Halen. And for all the shred Buckethead is known for, it's like in this song he didn't even know how to shred. Making a song like this...takes skills...A UNIVERSE OF SKILLS. This track makes the entire album...it makes Buckethead incredible. It is why Buckethead IS a guitarist. He doesn't play his guitar anymore, he only feels it, and then screams his soul through it.
Escape From Inbred Mountain - WAKE UP! It's the end of the album, and Buckethead couldn't have done it any better that knocking some sense into your head with more avant-garde metal, as if to tell you all of the world is not perfect. There's no better way he could have ended this album.

So, this is my honest opinion about this album. It's impeccable, inventive, pure genius, pure soul. This is one of those albums that definitely ranks high in a category of great albums. AND IT'S ONLY 7 TRACKS!!! Buy it now, and you'll be the happiest person alive.

Wicket02 ,

Incoming Slunks! Take Evasive Action...Or Not!

Released in 2004 with Island Of Lost Minds, Inbred Mountain comes out with the same strangeness, but adds horror-movie effects and creepy droning synth beats to add to his heavy riffage. Unlike IOLM, which is just a technical, mindless time bomb chicken, Inbred Mountain contains signature solos you'd only expect from the man behind the mask under the bucket. Lotus Island prepares you for a sonic deathmatch, while In Search Of Inbred Mountain completly butchers Three Blind Mice, right before the starfleet pulls out of hyperspace into the star system, great timing for Flock of Slunks to creat an epic space battle with lasers flying everywhere. Advance To the Summit uses Buckethead's blistering solos to butcher today's pop music and the 90's grunge movement, Plastination Station gives listeners a taste of the chicken man's softer side. As for Escape From Inbred Mountain, well...well, I haven't really come up with a catchy metaphor for that, except maybe our heroes escaping from an exploding mountain with mutant chicken bats chasing after them.

Wait, I just did! Incredible! So, as I've pointed out before, Buckethead adds some creepy sound effects in the beginning of these songs to try and scare you off, but if you're still standing, then Buckethead will show you his soft..eh...underbelly. Just be careful to keep up with those trademark scale-destroying solos, or else, you might as well be deadbefore you decided to stumble on Inbred Mountain.

Charles1657 ,

Bucketheads Composing Peak

Buckethead paints vivid pictures of your adventures throughout the album. The short and sporadic Search leads you to the jumpy shredfest of Johnny Be Slunk(which does include a warped version of Johnny Be Goode near the end). Lotus Island is an awesome head bobbing track with a great solo, and a wierd ending. Flock of Slunks brings the funk and rockin riffs, and the end is epic, with a touch of timpani and a solo that will wow you. Advance to the Summit sporadically rips and tears with unsettling atmospheres and harsh dissonant shredding, and a fast banjo part near the end. Plastination Station gives you a breather, and its gorgeous melodies and fist pumping solo make for a very special song. Finally, it's time to Escape from Inbred Mountain. A funny slide flute line plays, and what follows is one of the most intense songs in Bucketheads discography. Pummeling speed, brutally low chords, creepy and melodic banjo lines, and the coolest moment of the album: Buckethead emulating a rollercoaster with fast muted picking being the tinkling chains bringing you up and a fast, pounding guitar bringing you through loops and spirals, until you crash at the bottom. Droning chords exit you off the mountain, and you still hear the banjo in the distance.

Genius! Buy this now, it's only 7 dollars because it is deemed a partial album by Itunes, each song is a dollar, and there are only seven songs. You cant go wrong with this one.

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